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Block ads and prevent websites from tracking your online activity, with DoNotTrackPlus

It’s not a secret, and hardly controversial, but no sooner than you visit a webpage than it instantly starts collecting information on your behavior and demographics (e.g. location), and trying to infer your interests. If you want to block this activity, or if you merely want to know which scripts or services are tracking you, then Do Not Track Plus, a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari, is for you.


Two FREE URL history tools for Chrome

With all the browsing we do it’s often almost impossible to hunt down and discover one single site that was visited, say, three weeks ago. While it may not actually be impossible in the literal sense of the term, it certainly can be frustrating and time consuming to the point where it’s not worth the


Get a military grade, secure password vault on your desktop or device with Ever Password

Ever Password is a great tool that will manage your passwords for various websites, as well as other private information such as credit card and bank account information. It uses a 256 bit encryption to keep your data secure, can sync data across more than one device or platform, and it’s free for anyone to


Manage your time with Morphine: a better web blocker for Chrome:

No we’re not talking about medicine for pain, here. Morphine is a web blocker that gives you more options to view blocked pages. It works as a Chrome extension, and while it works in some of the same ways as a standard web blocker, it has some twisty differences that make it worth a look.


Track, restrict, and record activity on your PC with ‘Verity Parental Control’

Verity Parental Control is another freeware program that will help you keep your kids safe on the internet, as well as offline. Additionally, the program helps to keep your computer secure by monitoring all activity, not just when kids are on it. It’s simple to install and very easy to use. As a reviewer of


Log into your favorite websites automatically and securely with LoginCode

LoginCode is a great little free program that will keep your passwords for all your favorite web sites protected, as well as automatically logging you into those sites when you visit them. It is simple to install, supremely easy to use, and quite useful to those of us with more than one or two passwords.


How to surf sites that are blocked by your ISP or a company firewall

This posting will present a number of free options that can provide access and/or allow surfing of sites that are blocked by a corporate firewall or by your Internet Service Provider. Options presented are (1) using a proxy service site, (2) Web2mail (3) getting internet from your home machine via VPN, (4) using an internet