Keyscrambler Personal Screenshot

‘Keyscrambler Personal’ protects your browser activity from keyloggers

If you feel paranoid that someone may be looking at what you type by means of a keylogger, I have threefold good news: #1 don’t feel bad about about being suspicious, it’s an evolutionary strategy that is still with us because it has served us well at times, #2 having said that, they probably aren’t

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Secure your WIFI connection wherever you are, with ‘WIFI Protector’

Do you worry that your WIFI borne personal information will be intercepted? Are you concerned with the security of unsecured WIFI networks that you use at coffee shops and other ‘public’ venues? If so, WIFI Protector may be the answer to your paranoia prompted prayer for protection. It provides encryption for all the data you

URC Acess Mode

Protect your PC from data theft by USB or CD, with “URC Access Modes”

If you are a business, public venue, or even a normal user concerned with the illegitimate copying or transfer of files or data from your computer(s) via USB or CD, then this program is for you. ‘URC Access Modes’ is a FREE program that will allow you to shut off and password protect USB and

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Encrypt your Gmail for free with SafeMail for Chrome

Do you want to have encrypted email but don’t have the time or money or skill to become an international super spy? You’re not alone! Many of us use email to send documents or information that we do not want to end up in the wrong hands, such as credit card details, tax info, business


Protect and encrypt your folders and data with A+ Folder Locker Free Edition

Keeping your data private can be a challenge.There is always a risk of getting ones PC hacked and various other security breaches. With A + Folder Locker Free edition you can protect your data at the right click of the Windows context menu. A + Folder Locker Free edition is a handy tool that allows


Get a military grade, secure password vault on your desktop or device with Ever Password

Ever Password is a great tool that will manage your passwords for various websites, as well as other private information such as credit card and bank account information. It uses a 256 bit encryption to keep your data secure, can sync data across more than one device or platform, and it’s free for anyone to

Portable TrueCrypt feat_e

Use TrueCrypt portably from a USB or in Dropbox with ‘Launcher for TrueCrypt’ — a step by step guide

TrueCrypt is the world’s foremost free/open source encryption program, but running it portably can be a bit of a hassle. In this posting, we will show you an extremely easy and fast method to run TrueCrypt portably from your hard drive or from a portable USB drive. You could also put it in your Dropbox


Surf the net anonymously and go around firewalls and geo-restrictions with Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf is free, proxy-based ‘anti censorship’, ‘pro-privacy’ software. It tunnels through firewalls (whether at work or country-wide), encrypts online communications, hides your real IP from the websites that you are visiting, automatically deletes your browser history, and provides you with a US-based location so that you can access geographically restricted websites such as Hulu or


Encrypt files on Dropbox then view them on your iPhone or iPad with DataLocker

Ever wished you could view encrypted Dropbox files on your iPhone or iPad? It’s easy to encrypt any file on your desktop – there are many good freeware programs that can do that – and easy to share these files on Dropbox; but what if you wanted to view encrypted files on your iPhone or


Disguise and hide your sensitive folders with ‘Disguise Folders’ for Windows 7

Everyone has documents and files of sensitive nature that they would like to keep away from prying eyes. Users have a handful of options to do this, ranging from the most secure, such as mounting virtual archives using programs like TrueCrypt, physically encrypting and reprocessing files, or hiding and embedding them within other larger files


DiskCryptor: encrypt hard disk partitions, flash drives, and CD/DVD media with this versatile tool

DiskCryptor is a free, open source disk encryption software. It encrypts entire hard drive partitions, including the system partition as well as flash drives in real time without affecting performance. It can also create encrypted CDs/DVDs (through the use of disk image .ISO files). It offers excellent performance for mounted encrypted volumes and a good


Pismo File Mount: mount ZIP and ISO files as virtual drives

Pismo File Mount is a free program that makes it possible to mount compressed archives, ISO CD/DVD image files, and its own custom encrypted private folder files as virtual drives that can be accessed freely through the Windows file system. Provide context menu integration for mounting/dismounting volumes quickly and easily. This is an interesting app