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The Best Free Antivirus for Windows – January 2016

I have been looking into the question of which free antivirus is the best for almost 10 years now, and the only way to answer is by looking at comparative tests with hard data, keeping in mind that the programs themselves are constantly changing and being updated, and that the picture that emerged from last


Remove security program and clean up aborted uninstalls, with AppRemover

Have you ever tried to uninstall your anti-virus software, only to find out that the very software you were trying to uninstall was preventing you from uninstalling it? AppRemover is a simple program designed specifically to overcome such issues. AppRemover is a free, portable app that designed to remove your installed security software cleanly and


Get powerful anti-virus protection for your Android with Lookout

Lookout is a great little Android app that protects you from viruses, and a whole lot more. It’s simple to use, but powerful at the same time and it is loaded with great features and options. It’s also free. There hasn’t been a whole lot of talk, that I have heard, of mobile virus problems.


WinMHR: Free Malware Detector

WinMHR is a free security tool that provides a similar function as the VirusTotal website but with some additional features, and more to come. WinMHR is not a replacement for antivirus but it works great in conjunction with one (I’d recommend Avast! for a free antivirus.). The name stands for Windows Malware Hash Registry, which


The best free antivirus: a comparison

This posting will discuss which of the following three programs deserves the title of “best freeware antivirus program”: Avira Antivir, Avast, or AVG. My conclusion: all three are very worthy contenders that can hold their own or surpass any heavyweight for-pay antivirus; however Anitvir and Avast are definitely in the first tier, while AVG is


VirusTotal delivers the collective wisdom of 32 viruskillers on-demand

Virustotal is a web service that provides on-demand scanning of your local files for worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines. It allows you to upload any local file up to 10 megs in size and will perform a scan across 30+ different virus scanning engines (which include all of the

AVG antirootkit

AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

[Note: this review was written by my friend Mohammed Raei from Amman, Jordan; see his personal blog here – The Freewaregenius] AVG Anti-Rootkit Free is a program that scans your computer for rootkits and removes them. Trojans, keyloggers, and worms can sometimes hide from conventional Anti-virus software inside “rootkits”, rendering them useless in the face


Antivir Personal Edition Classic

Antivir Personal Edition Classic is a free, award-winning antivirus software. It provides scanning on demand as well as real-time protection against a wide array of malware including viruses, trojans, worms, and dialers. Antivir also offers excellent heuristic virus detection (i.e. its ability to identify yet-unknown threats). This review was borne out of an email exchange


AVG Free Antivirus

AVG is a 100% free antivirus program that offers real time protection, on demand scanning, and email scanning. It also features automatic updates and a very small footprint that will not slow down your system. It does exactly what it promises and does it really well. Although AVG is well known as a free antivirus