Returnil creates a virtual system on your machine that completely mirrors your actual setup. It is designed to take the risk out of exposing your machine to all manner of software, websites, downloads, or anything else that might have adverse effects on your machine or infect it with malware. Once restarted, your system will revert

AVG antirootkit

AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

[Note: this review was written by my friend Mohammed Raei from Amman, Jordan; see his personal blog here – The Freewaregenius] AVG Anti-Rootkit Free is a program that scans your computer for rootkits and removes them. Trojans, keyloggers, and worms can sometimes hide from conventional Anti-virus software inside “rootkits”, rendering them useless in the face

Spyware Terminator Screenshot

Spyware Terminator

This is one of the most exciting free programs I’ve come across in a while. Finally a very good antispyware program that you can install and forget, knowing that you have effective real time protection with automatic live updates. This might not sound so revolutionary but it is, because most good freeware antispyware programs, including well