Jumble provides simple end-to-end encryption for Gmail [Reader Contributed Post]

Jumble provides free, simple and secure encryption for your Gmail account.  Send secure email messages from your Gmail account. Jumble never hosts your email data and so we have no access to it. Jumble also has no access to unencrypted private key data.  Likewise the email provider has no access to the keys so once

SecureAPlus – protect your system with the power of multiple AV engines [Reader Contributed Post]

We have recently developed a new security solution intended for consumers called SecureAPlus (www.secureplus.com). It was only released outside of beta in the middle of last year and it is a full featured product that is absolutely free. It combines 12 commercial Anti-Virus engines, BitDefender & AVG among them, and can scan your system from the cloud. One

PirateBrowser Screenshot1

PirateBrowser bypasses censorship imposed by governments, ISP’s, or firewalls

Want to browse the internet without being censored by your government, your ISP, or even your company firewall? ‘PirateBrowser’ may be what you need. Released by torrent indexing service ‘the Pirate Bay’, PirateBrowser is designed to give regular users access to censored content, but note that it is not designed to provide anonymous browsing and

iSafe Virus Removal Free [Reader Contributed Post]

iSafe Virus Removal is a all-in-one Free professional tool to keep your PC safe, clean and fast. Protects from browser hijacker, malicious plug-ins, malwares and different viruses. It can help you get rid of unwanted browser hijacker like Qvo6, delta and V9 etc… Clear cache/browser history and boost slow computers. Just by One Click, iSafe Virus Removal will take any PC problems away. Key Features: Completely Free, effective, robust and highly reliable

HTTPs Everywhere Screenshot

Get instant browser privacy, with HTTPs Everywhere

There is no privacy, sorry. At least not if you’re using your devices normally. But if you want some measure of protection, and want the NSA (National Security Agency) out of your personal communications as a matter of principle, then check out free browser extension HTTPs Everywhere. HTTPs Everywhere is a browser extension for Chrome

Keyscrambler Personal Screenshot

‘Keyscrambler Personal’ protects your browser activity from keyloggers

If you feel paranoid that someone may be looking at what you type by means of a keylogger, I have threefold good news: #1 don’t feel bad about about being suspicious, it’s an evolutionary strategy that is still with us because it has served us well at times, #2 having said that, they probably aren’t

DNS Jumper Screenshot

DNS Jumper: easy DNS switcher with IPv6 support

Want to switch your DNS on your PC quickly and Easily? How about Switching from IPv4 and IPv6 interchangeably, and being able to backup and restore DNS settings (and categorize them in groups), and checking multiple response times to find the fastest DNS IPs, or even flushing the DNS cache? DNS Jumper is a small

Dns Angel Screenshot2

Restrict access to adult and inappropriate sites, with ‘Dns Angel’ for Windows

Do you have small children in your household using the internet? Are you concerned about inappropriate access to adult and other problematic sites? If so, this program may be exactly what you need. ‘Dns Angel’ is a portable freeware for Windows that can switch your computer’s default DNS provided by your ISP to replace it

OneID ScreenShot00320

Secure your online identity and personal info, with OneID

Do you worry about the security of our online information online? If so, you might want to take check out OneID is a new concept in the realm of online security that offers a trifecta of protection in a way nothing else does, requiring you to get your computer, your mobile device, and your cloud

WiFi Protector ScreenShot00246

Secure your WIFI connection wherever you are, with ‘WIFI Protector’

Do you worry that your WIFI borne personal information will be intercepted? Are you concerned with the security of unsecured WIFI networks that you use at coffee shops and other ‘public’ venues? If so, WIFI Protector may be the answer to your paranoia prompted prayer for protection. It provides encryption for all the data you

URC Acess Mode

Protect your PC from data theft by USB or CD, with “URC Access Modes”

If you are a business, public venue, or even a normal user concerned with the illegitimate copying or transfer of files or data from your computer(s) via USB or CD, then this program is for you. ‘URC Access Modes’ is a FREE program that will allow you to shut off and password protect USB and

iSpy ScreenShot00186

Record motion-detected video while you’re away, with iSpy

Ever wonder what your cat is doing while you’re at work all day? Is she sharpening her claws on that priceless bust of Ben Franklin in the hallway, or throwing wild feline parties with the neighbor cats and getting hopped up on the catnip? Well now you can find out, using iSpy and the built