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Yahoo launches a beautiful FREE weather app for Android and iOS

‘Yahoo Weather’ is a free weather app that displays beautiful pictures from Flickr for the place you are checking the weather for, and that reflect the weather and the ‘mood’ of the moment. The app displays the kind of information you would expect: temperature highs and lows, the general state, as well as the projected

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Free Giveaway: ‘YoWindow Unlimited’ weather app and screensaver

We’ve featured a number of giveaways on Freewaregenius in the past, but this one is by far the most exciting to date. You may remember YoWindow, a desktop-based weather app for Windows and Mac featuring a very nice visual twist: the weather conditions and time of day are represented through atmospheric on-screen visuals. And while


Map the sky and learn about astronomy with Aciqra

Aciqra is a great free program for astronomy enthusiasts. It will map the sky for you, act as a virtual planetarium (in 2D) and will even track movement of stellar phenomena like planets and stars or even deep space objects (DSOs), and more. As a kid I had this book about the solar system and


Get your weather forecast displayed on a Google map with “Full Screen Weather” – in your browser or on Android/iOS

There is something that makes sense about seeing the weather forecast displayed on a big map, which may be related to the fact that we are all used to seeing forecasts superimposed on big maps on TV. In any case, Full Screen Weather is a free service that will display a detailed map with annotated


YoWindow Free: a weather reporting toy and screensaver

What would you do if you wanted to know what the weather is like right now? Naturally you would take a peek out the window. YoWindow Free is a free interactive weather reporting app that takes this concept and flips it on its head; it will show you the current weather or the weather forecast