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How to easily transcribe audio or video recordings into text (update)

I recently had to transcribe a number of video interviews into text. This turned out to be much more of a labor intensive project than I thought, and it quickly dawned on me that the process can be vastly improved via a few technological tweaks. This posting aims to present a step by step tutorial

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Text Deduplicator Plus: easily sort and remove duplicates from a list

What do you do if you have long lists of information that you need to de-dupe or sort? You can use a program like Excel, which is not free, has a very large footprint on your PC, and cannot easily handle really large lists of much more than a million rows. You could fire up


Collaborate on projects and keep documents and code in sync with QikPad

Working together with someone else can be rewarding, certainly, but it can also have its challenges, especially in the modern world where we don’t all live next door to each other. QikPad is a handy online program that will let you collaborate on projects, letters, code, and anything else you can work with through text,


Test drive GhostEdit, a new standalone WYSIWYG rich text editor, before it goes public

GhostEdit is a brand new WYSIWYG editor focused on usability. Currently in private Beta, it will support most popular browsers like Chrome and Safari, Firefox and IE. GhostEdit features some familiar editing tools, as well as context sensitive buttons for the various controls. What is a WYSIWYG editor and why would you need one? WYSIWYG


Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons

Studies have found that people with cleaner, tidier desktops live longer. I am joking of course, but ask yourself this: is your desktop too crowded with icons? Do you ever wish for a little bit more room just to fit in a few more files? Are there files and folders doing nothing that were put


Speak directly into your PC with DictationPro speech-to-text

I didn’t expect to see it, but here it is: a freeware speech recognition software, and a good one at that. DictationPro is a full-fledged speech-to-text software that can recognize words spoken through a microphone with a high degree of accuracy. It is ‘trainable’ such as to better recognize a particular person’s voice over continued


Depeche View: search multiple text files simultaneously

Depeche View is a free program that can search and edit multiple text files simultaneously. It allows users to jump to instances of a search string that may exist across a number of different files, provided they are placed in the same folder. It will search all text files in a folder, including log files,


Diffuse Merge Tool: compare (and merge) text files visually

Have you ever needed to compare multiple versions of a text or code, and wished that the differences would be highlighted visually? This is exactly what this program does: Diffuse Merge Tool is a free, visual text file comparison and merge tool. It will display text files on-screen simultaneously each in their own pane, highlight


Pasteboard: your disposable 10-page scratchpad

Pasteboard is a free 10-page tabbed “scratch pad” type program that provides space to type in or paste any text that you might need, whether it’s pasting coupon codes from the internet, quickly jotting down an email address or a phone number, grabbing some code to embed on your site later, writing down a few


Hulu Desktop: high quality, browser-free videos optimized for a “Media Center” style experience

Hulu desktop is a free desktop client for Windows and Mac that connects to the Hulu service and plays Hulu videos and programs within a sleek, feature-rich interface, without the need for an internet browser. It features a spectacular look-and-feel, high-definition video, and offers the ability to resume partially watched shows. It also supports standard



Textwedge is a program that splits text files (including CSV files) into smaller chunks. Textwedge does this row-by-row in a number of different ways: Split text by “number of lines per chunk” (e.g. you could set row count per file to be 30,000 if that’s what you need) Split text by “chunk size” in bytes