Any recommended calendar sharing/syncing app?

Have you come across a good, working calendar sharing/syncing application? I need to be able to share my calendar across several different devices using different software. My work uses Outlook – this is where the bulk of calendar entries will be made. As it’s a work PC, the app would need to work fine through


primaERP: cloud based time management application [Reader Contributed Post]

Real time tracking software, FREE for up to three users with all features and no trial period expiration. primaERP / TIME TRACKING is a cloud based application which allows you to write down and manage your time. Being an online application, you can access from everywhere. You can work in collaboration with your colleagues in

Looking for a lightweight sliding alert/reminder system for Windows

Is there any easy alert/reminder/’task management’ tool where I’ll simply type (or paste) some texts and select 30 minutes (from a drop down may be OR type in a text box) so that the alert system will slide in from a corner of the screen after 30 minutes. There should be option to: a) snooze,

Android Calendar Apps

Three AWESOME free apps to enhance your Android Calendar

Do you use Calendar function on your Android regularly? Do you rely on it completely to organize every moment of your life? For those people who do (or those who aspire to be like them), we present three FREE apps that can make it easier to work with the Calendar (or significantly enhance the experience).


‘Subtask’ combines Mind Mapping with Task Management and Cloud-Based Team Collaboration

Although been an explosion of cloud collaboration tools lately, Subtask is unique in that it combines a number of organizational tools together in a way that works well. You may think, from the screenshots below that Subtask is yet another mind mapping tool, that is not quite the case. Subtask is in fact a sophisticated


InFocus Pro: an iPhone task manager with calendar integration and hand drawn input support

Are you looking for a good task-management app for your iPhone that can manage different projects? If so, you should try Infocus Pro, a nifty little app that allows you to manage your tasks, add meetings to and events to your calendar, as well as take notes. Infocus Pro wants to be your all-in-one productivity

NudgeMail ScreenShot00285

Send email reminders to yourself, with NudgeMail

Have you tried hundreds of different ways to give yourself reminders for things but never been totally satisfied with any of them? Well, now you’ve got one more great choice; NudgeMail allows you to set up future emails to yourself as reminders for nearly anything, giving you control over your schedule through something you already

KanBanFlow visual overview

Collaborate in real time and track projects, with KanBanFlow

Do you run a business or have to collaborate with colleagues that are in other states or countries? Do you need a new way to track productivity on projects? Do you enjoy organizational tools in general? If you answered yes to any one of these then you will be interested to check out KanBanFlow, a


‘Task Paper’ displays your to-do list right on your iPhone lock screen

Despite the fact that Reminder apps and Task Managers have become common on smartphones, many users still forget things they have to do. Sure, you could set up alarms or keep checking your to-do app obsessively, but Task Paper has a better answer. Task Paper is a FREE, useful task manager for iOS devices that

Amazon wishlist extension

Make your holiday shopping easy with ‘Add To Amazon Wish List’ Chrome extension

Do you like to shop online, or intend to do a lot of your holiday shopping online? If so, you may be one of the tons of people who are using Amazon’s famous wish list function, and there’s a handy Chrome extension that will make your shopping even easier! Best of all, of course, it’s


Set up Reminders and To Do’s with ’24me’ for iOS

Fancy a personal assistant to remind you of tasks or events that you need to do or attend? How about an assistant that can maintain your to-do list, delegate or share tasks with others, and even connect with the financial institutions or ‘providers’ (a.k.a. parties that you pay bills to) as well as contact lists


Track and maintain records of your meetings and their results, with AgreeDo!

Have you ever been to a meeting (business or personal) in which so much was discussed that you felt you couldn’t possibly take it all in? AgreeDo is a great little web app that is both free and functional, that will help you assimilate and organize all your meetings and the data within them. Meetings