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Save paper and print from Office more efficiently, with ‘PrintEco Office’

We’ve all had situations where a simple print command from Excel or Word results in numerous almost-blank pages being uselessly printed with a part or fragment of a table or formatting that uselessly spilled over onto blank pages. In most cases this can be fixed via ‘page break preview’ and/or page setup, but what if

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Create and print customized calendars with Calme

Do you find actual physical paper calendars indispensible? Do you feel in control as you mark important events and appointment on an actual object placed prominently in your place of work (as opposed to on a tiny, small screen overloaded with features). If so, then read on. Calme (Calendars made easy) is a free program


Clear stuck print queues with ‘Print Queue Cleaner’ for Windows

Ever tried to print a document and perhaps waited by the printer, only to realize that the print command is stuck in the queue and will not go through? Typically, and to make things worse, you might find that your print jobs in the clogged print queue are impervious to being deleted, instead displaying an


Clip and save web pages to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with CleanSave for Chrome

If you’ve ever wanted to save an article or webpage (for example for reference, sharing, or later use) then check out Cloudsave, a Chrome extension that lets you convert any web page to PDF or DOC, optionally add a note to it, and then save it. But what’s more, Cleansave can clean your webpage from


Make designs for 3D printing with netfabb Studio Basic

3D printing is most likely the next revolution in computers and many other industries. It allows you to create objects on demand to whatever dimension you need, using specialized ‘3D printers’. Entire industries can benefit from the capability, whether you are a designer interested in producing tangible prototypes quickly and inexpensively or a manufacturer interested


Go “Cold Turkey” to break your addiction to certain websites

Just in time for finals (if you’re attending school), you might find yourself pretty easily distracted from doing your necessary work or studying. If you really want to shift your habits so you’ll be more focused and productive, it’s time to go Cold Turkey. Cold Turkey is a free/open-source application that makes it easy to


iPrint: the best FinePrint freeware alternative, prints 2 or 4 pages on a single sheet of paper

Do you ever wish you could save paper by printing two (or even four) pages of a document on a single sheet of paper? Or perhaps the document you are printing contains a lot of pages that you don’t really want or need; wouldn’t be great if you could exclude these from being printed in


Gimposition: print your PDF documents and ebooks 2 pages per sheet of paper, or in booklet or book format, etc.

Have you ever wished you could print a PDF ebook or document in booklet form, to make it look more like an actual book or booklet? Or perhaps you wanted to print 2 pages per sheet to save paper, or maybe some other similar configuration. This is exactly what Gimposition can do. This free software


Printee: make any web page printer friendly with this Internet Explorer extension

Printee is a free Internet Explorer extension designed to remove elements of a webpage to create a perfectly printable page without ads or extra information (e.g sidebars, unrelated images, other stories on the page) that you might not want to waste ink and paper printing. Provides a single-click wizard when pressing CTRL+G that can provide


PrinterShare: share any printer over the internet

PrinterShare is a free service that allows your computer to share printers with any other computer, given that both are online and running the PrinterShare software. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Imagine the following: computer A has a printer attached to it, while computer B does not. If both are online and running PrinterShare,


HP Smart Web Printing: clip, aggregate and print web content with ease

HP Smart Web Printing is a free browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox designed to enhance the process of printing webpages or (parts of webpages) from the browser. It allows you to “clip” elements of web pages, aggregate them, re-size and re-arrange them on a preview page before printing or saving them as a