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Create a beautiful and professional resume or CV with PDF CV

PDF CV is a neat little free web-based program that will let you create a new CV or resume in PDF format and then download it to your system directly. It’s super simple, very easy to get the hang of, and costs nothing. There’s been a lot of changes in the last twelve years. I

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Twelve must have free add-ons for Outlook (part 2)

This is our second installment on the many free, Outlook add-ons that enhance Outlook and increase it’s functionality (for the first part, follow this link). As in the first article, we present to you 12 of the best free add-ons we found, and as in the first article, we recommend that you install only the


Get free, customized legal documents made just for you at Kagzaat.com

Kagzaat is a great free website that offers customized, self-serve legal documents that you can print whenever you want, where ever you want. As a fairly new site, they currently offer two of the most common legal documents but will be adding more in the very near future.There are, as I found out recently, a


Test drive GhostEdit, a new standalone WYSIWYG rich text editor, before it goes public

GhostEdit is a brand new WYSIWYG editor focused on usability. Currently in private Beta, it will support most popular browsers like Chrome and Safari, Firefox and IE. GhostEdit features some familiar editing tools, as well as context sensitive buttons for the various controls. What is a WYSIWYG editor and why would you need one? WYSIWYG


How to embed a video into a PowerPoint presentation and package it within a SINGLE PowerPoint file

Have you ever inserted a video into a PowerPoint presentation, only to discover that you are unable to distribute your presentation as a single file? Typically, inserting a video (or videos) into a PowerPoint will require that you make sure the video(s) are always placed within the same folder as the PowerPoint file, making the


PowerInbox enhances your Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon emails

Powerinbox is a free program that enhances your web-based email. It adds more functionality for emails from Facebook, Twitter and Groupon by allowing you to interact with those emails in new ways, such as the ability to respond to email notices, watch videos, or comment on photos right from your inbox without having to head


The Email Client: a good alternative to Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

The Email Client is a totally free alternative to using Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird and other email standalone client applications. It features a simple interface with powerful options, support for multiple email addresses, and handles POP, IMAP, and SMTP server configurations. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows and is a great option for


Free eBook Giveaway: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Users of MS Office 2010 take note: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks is an ebook that offers insights on advanced MS Office functionality valued at $6.95, but offered for free through Wednesday Nov 16th 2011. This ebook contains tips for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook, and covers many of the features of Office 2010

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Add labels to data points in an Excel XY chart with free Excel add-on “XY Chart Labeler”

It is very easy to plot an XY Scatter chart in MS Excel, which is a graph displaying a group of data points that intersect across related variables (such as performance vs. time for example, or sales vs. profitability, etc). What is not easy, however, is adding individual labels to these data points, requiring users


Twelve must have free add-ons for Outlook (part 1)

If you use Outlook you have reason to rejoice, because there is a wide range of free add-ons that greatly enhance Outlook’s functionality and add considerably to it’s user experience. This post will cover twelve must have-Outlook addons; Subtextual, HarmonyGoogle, Gpg4Win, CodeTwo Attach Unblocker, Attachment Explorer, AutoArchive Now, FBLook, InboxEX, OfficeIns, Sender’s Time Zone, NK2Edit, PSTTools


Get powerful, free office tools with LibreOffice

Looking for an alternative to paying for Microsoft Office? Tried OpenOffice.org but found it didn’t quite fit? You might find what you need in LibreOffice free office tools from The Document Foundation. LibreOffice consists of six full-featured office tools. Base allows you to manage databases, and create queries and reports to track and manage information.


Speak directly into your PC with DictationPro speech-to-text

I didn’t expect to see it, but here it is: a freeware speech recognition software, and a good one at that. DictationPro is a full-fledged speech-to-text software that can recognize words spoken through a microphone with a high degree of accuracy. It is ‘trainable’ such as to better recognize a particular person’s voice over continued