Text Deduplicator Pro Screenshot

Text Deduplicator Plus: easily sort and remove duplicates from a list

What do you do if you have long lists of information that you need to de-dupe or sort? You can use a program like Excel, which is not free, has a very large footprint on your PC, and cannot easily handle really large lists of much more than a million rows. You could fire up

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Save paper and print from Office more efficiently, with ‘PrintEco Office’

We’ve all had situations where a simple print command from Excel or Word results in numerous almost-blank pages being uselessly printed with a part or fragment of a table or formatting that uselessly spilled over onto blank pages. In most cases this can be fixed via ‘page break preview’ and/or page setup, but what if

Simple MS Excel Document Converter Screenshot

Convert XLS, XLSX, CSV, PDF and XPS files in batch, with ‘Simple MS Excel Document Converter’

Do you have years’ worth of Excel XLS files that you would like to convert to XLSX or CSV? Or, conversely, do you have XLSX files sent to you that you would rather convert to XLS? If you’ve ever needed to convert Excel files (from or to XLS, XLSX, CSV, PDF and XPS formats) then


Share and edit documents of any format online, with PDFZen

Digital documents come in a variety of file formats including DOCX, XLSX, ODT, and many more. When sharing these, you can never really be sure whether or not the other parties have software installed with which to view and edit them. For example, you could email an ODT file to your project group members but

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Share a canvas with collaborators around the world, with CanvasDropr

Ever had a project you wanted to collaborate on with people on the other side of the country, or even the world? There are a few decent free programs out there to do this but CanvasDropr offers a whole new, visual method to do it that, while currently in Beta, is already shaping up to


Create Stylish Resumes Online with Resumup

We said this before and we say it again; if you are looking for a job, one of the most important things for any employer is your resume. Previously we covered a tool, Resumesimo that helps you create visually appealing resumes for your work. This time around we take a look at Resump. Resumup is


Check spelling AND grammar both, with Ginger

Chrome’s built in spell checker works ok insofar as that goes (except on those occasions when it fails to kick in), but what about when you want to check for both spelling and grammar? In this case, what you need is Ginger, which checks both, and whose developers claim is more accurate and corrects up


Easily create visually appealing CV’s / Resumes with Resumesimo

One of the most important things for anyone looking for a job is his/her resume, which generally speaking should be simple, highlight your strengths, be easy to understand and unique. Creating resumes on Microsoft Word or a word processor can be a time consuming task to make it look good. If you want to save


Put a beautiful and useful analogue clock on your desktop with Blaiz Chimer

Blaiz Chimer is an analogue clock program that also has more than twenty built in utilities for your day to day file needs. It’s loaded with features for alarms and different visuals, and costs absolutely nothing to download or use. Hardly anyone I know these days uses an analogue clock for anything unless they happen


Updated: How to embed a video into a PowerPoint presentation and end up with a SINGLE file

We just updated our previous post on this subject, so that it now has better screenshots and specific instructions for each version of PowerPoint (2003, 2007 and 2010), as embedding in PowerPoint 2010 is much easier than earlier versions. Check it out here.

Decision Making Tool Screenshot1

Make better decisions with ‘Decision Making Tool’: an Excel based quantitative scoring template

Let’s say that you have to make a decision between a number of options where you have to take into account multiple factors or considerations. It can be very useful to write these down so you can see them in front of you, but it can also be really useful to weigh the different factors


Search and apply for jobs by VIDEO resume with JobOn

JobOn is a relatively new web site that allows you to search for jobs and apply for them with your own video resume. There are thousands of jobs available and the whole system is very easy to use. When the Internet first started to become popular one of the first things that started to spring