Flashnote is a small, memory resident notes program that is activated through a hotkey combination. It function as a quick scratch pad for all those transient text clips that you work with that you would normally store in text files. Imagine that working with a bunch of html code that you need to paste elsewhere


LetMe Type

LetMe Type is a small program that resides in the system tray, monitors what you type and collects information about your most frequently used words. It will then use this information to provide a little popup window after you type in 2 or 3 characters, containing a range of words to choose from that it can

Evernote Screenshot


Evernote allows you to create, edit, and categorize notes that you can type in or clip off of web pages (including text, images, formatting, and link). It also allows you to view and edit these offline. Ever since I started Freewaregenius I have had to do a lot of research about a wide variety of



Stickies is a desktop notes program that offers a slew of advanced features including timed alerts, logging of all activity, PDA support, notes sharing over a network, and emailing of notes from within the sticky application. I initially set out to find a stickies program that offered simple features; with Stickies I found what I


Google Notebook

Google Notebook is a web app for creating and categorizing notes, either through clipping them off the web or typing them in. These notes are saved online within your personal Google account. There are many excellent hierarchial-notes outliner programs out there that are free; however, if you do a lot of research on the web