Omea Pro Screenshot

Omea Reader: may be the only RSS aggregator which lets you attach tags and notes to RSS posts

Now that Google Reader users are looking for a replacement, we wanted to highlight Omea, a desktop-based reader and organizer for RSS and newsfeeds that has some unique features that are not typically available in other RSS aggregators. It was designed to organize every bit of information that comes across your desktop, including emails, bookmarks,

Groupnotes screenshot1 - creating a note

Groupnotes lets you annotate any web page and have on-the-spot conversations with collaborators

Groupnotes is a cross between a web clipper and social-media style note taking app. It will let you have a conversation with your team right on top of any webpage, which can be useful in all manner of collaborations such as web design or research projects, etc. You can create notes by highlighting text and


‘Subtask’ combines Mind Mapping with Task Management and Cloud-Based Team Collaboration

Although been an explosion of cloud collaboration tools lately, Subtask is unique in that it combines a number of organizational tools together in a way that works well. You may think, from the screenshots below that Subtask is yet another mind mapping tool, that is not quite the case. Subtask is in fact a sophisticated


Why Springpad is better than Evernote for managing your information

The past ten years or so has transformed the way we take notes and organize information. It is no longer sufficient to jot down notes on desktop sticky notes; we now need to access notes, bookmarks, clips, and tasks on our mobile devices as well as our computers, and make them accessible to others that


Track and maintain records of your meetings and their results, with AgreeDo!

Have you ever been to a meeting (business or personal) in which so much was discussed that you felt you couldn’t possibly take it all in? AgreeDo is a great little web app that is both free and functional, that will help you assimilate and organize all your meetings and the data within them. Meetings

StickyNotes-Screenshot2 Take and Access Notes in the Cloud, on Any Google Talk Enabled Device

If you want a simple, free note capturing tool, then let me introduce you to Sticky.Io,  a free online service that allows people to both take notes using Google talk, use tags to organize them, and access them online from anywhere. piggybacks on an existing structure to provide ubiquitous notes in the cloud. You


Map your mind and organize information on the go with MindJet – a free app for Android

Visual organization tools can be extremely useful, and can be even more so if you can use them on the spot when you actually need them. Which is why we like MindJet, a data visualization and organization tool for your Android based device; it has tons of great features to make your data flow easy


OhLife is a free online journaling software designed to motivate and keep you on track

Have you ever tried keeping a journal? It’s a nice idea, but most folks who give it a try usually wind up dropping it after a while. Like everything worthwhile, sticking with it is not easy, and that’s where OhLife can help. OhLife is a free online journaling program designed to motivate you and keep

Wunderkit is a free, comprehensive task management and project collaboration platform

Wunderkit Beta is a free browser-based organizational and networking tool. Otherwise known as a ‘productivity platform’ it combines organizational essentials like task lists and project management tools with networking functions to give you a well-rounded solution for your needs, whether they are business or personal. You may have read about Wunderkit’s sister project previously on


Organize your notes visually with Atelier Iroha

Let me introduce you to my new friend. It’s called “Iroha”, which means “The basics” or “The ABCs of [subject]”, roughly translated from Japanese. Iroha is a freeware program that helps you to create, organize, and study notes. It uses a simple graphic interface to do all of this, which displays the connection between items


Resophnotes: take notes quickly on your desktop, then access them in the cloud on other devices or computers

Resophnotes is a free note taking software that syncs with the “SimpleNote” cloud-based note taking service. This means that your notes from Reshopnotes can be accessed from multiple computers and devices (including the iPhone via this free app). Resophnotes can also be used portably from a USB drive. This software is designed for simple, quick


Pasteboard: your disposable 10-page scratchpad

Pasteboard is a free 10-page tabbed “scratch pad” type program that provides space to type in or paste any text that you might need, whether it’s pasting coupon codes from the internet, quickly jotting down an email address or a phone number, grabbing some code to embed on your site later, writing down a few