Access database repair freeware

Hello All, Can anyone suggest any freeware program to repair my corrupt Access database. I am using Access 2010 and don’t have a backup of the database.

What’s a recommended free or open source database program

I work for a small nonprofit NGO, and we would like to keep track of our donors. We currently have a list on Excel but would like a little bit more functionality, such as the ability to filter by several criteria. I do not know much about databases, but what would be your recommended FREEWARE

MyDiamo: a security Freeware for MySQL [Reader Contributed Post]

If you use MySQL or MariaDB, Have you ever been concerned about security? Does your DBMS have any shield against potential attackers? If that data is lost or falls into the wrong hands it is likely that the impact on the business can be severe.

Text Deduplicator Pro Screenshot

Text Deduplicator Plus: easily sort and remove duplicates from a list

What do you do if you have long lists of information that you need to de-dupe or sort? You can use a program like Excel, which is not free, has a very large footprint on your PC, and cannot easily handle really large lists of much more than a million rows. You could fire up


Create an instant database of movies in your collection with Movie Explorer

Movie Explorer is a handy tool that will help you build a database or a kind of overview of what movies are available on a specific source. It’s really meant for those of us who have a large collection of movies, most likely in a number of digital locations like various hard drives or external

homezada inventory

Build and manage your home inventory with HomeZada Essentials

HomeZada Essentials is a free web service that greatly simplifies the management of your home. You can pay for some premium features but this review will be focusing on what you can do with a free account. The big feature for HomeZada Essentials is the home inventory and document management. A home inventory is something