Text Deduplicator Pro Screenshot

Text Deduplicator Plus: easily sort and remove duplicates from a list

What do you do if you have long lists of information that you need to de-dupe or sort? You can use a program like Excel, which is not free, has a very large footprint on your PC, and cannot easily handle really large lists of much more than a million rows. You could fire up


Create an instant database of movies in your collection with Movie Explorer

Movie Explorer is a handy tool that will help you build a database or a kind of overview of what movies are available on a specific source. It’s really meant for those of us who have a large collection of movies, most likely in a number of digital locations like various hard drives or external

homezada inventory

Build and manage your home inventory with HomeZada Essentials

HomeZada Essentials is a free web service that greatly simplifies the management of your home. You can pay for some premium features but this review will be focusing on what you can do with a free account. The big feature for HomeZada Essentials is the home inventory and document management. A home inventory is something