XY Chart Labeler Screenshot

Add labels to data points in an Excel XY chart with free Excel add-on “XY Chart Labeler”

It is very easy to plot an XY Scatter chart in MS Excel, which is a graph displaying a group of data points that intersect across related variables (such as performance vs. time for example, or sales vs. profitability, etc). What is not easy, however, is adding individual labels to these data points, requiring users


CleanCharts: Excel add on creates better looking charts with a single click

CleanCharts is a free add on for Microsoft Excel that can tweak your Excel charts in several different ways to make them more visually appealing. It provides five areas of improvement: removal of “chart junk” (i.e. unnecessary formatting), fixing axis labels and scaling, fixing font sizes, doing away with 3D elements, and changing the color

FlashEarth Screenshot


Flashearth is a web application that displays interactive satellite images and maps from a number of different online mapping sources, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, NASA, and others (without official consent). I always get philosophical whenever I play around with online mapping/satellite imaging services. I always think “wow, look at how far humanity has come even