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Wikibrains lets you peek into the thoughts of others

Wikibrain is a web service for shared brainstorms, which is similar to the stream of consciousness free association method that psychologists sometimes use to do their job. A quick example: quick, what do you think of when you think about Apple? (Or how about Samsung, Bitcoin, Microsoft, or anything else). No matter what your responses


Analyze choices and make better decisions with ‘Odesys’

All of us have important decisions we need to make, but can a piece of software help us make better ones? Odesys, a free online web app, wants to be exactly such a tool. Created by self described ‘decision theory researches’, Odesys takes you through a step-by-step process where you can lay down the different

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SlideRocket vs. – two Powerpoint alternatives compared

Do you need a platform to create and view slide-based presentations for business, art or pure entertainment? If so, you’re going to love this post: we’ve got a showdown between two free ways to make such presentations and give you an idea of which is better suited to your needs. So, read on, my friends,

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Draw diagrams and flow charts with LucidChart

Human beings are highly ‘visual’ thinkers, and whether you love diagrams and use them for every facet of your life, hate them but have to do them for work, or even if you’re somewhere in between … if you need to create a diagram then you will appreciate LucidChart, a web app which integrates with

Explore the solar system for free with ‘3D Solar System Web’

Are you a student or just a fan of Astronomy? Want to learn more about our solar system but can’t afford to build your own space faring vessel? 3D Solar System will come to your rescue as a valuable and fun resource to learn and reference data on our local solar system in a gorgeous


Organize your tasks and goals for free with Orkanizer

Do you have more things to do than time to do them in? Orkanizer can help you get you back on track, whether you want to manage daily tasks or monthly goals, or even specific projects. It’s completely free for home users and those involved in open-source work and the handy web-based interface is a


Track your time spent online with Timestats for Chrome

Do you spend too much time online? Or just Just the right amount, perhaps? If you’re looking for that Goldilocks factor in your online usage, Timestats might be just the thing you are looking for. Timestats is a Chrome extension that will keep track of your time spent online and help you manage it better

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Advanced World Clock 5 is your all-in-one global time reference

If you ever find yourself needing to know the current time at a distant place or city across the country or on the other side of the world, then Advanced World Clock is for you. Aside from the time, you could look up a number of related info, such as the length of day, the


Publish and share your personal or professional calendar schedule for free, with PubMyCal

In our modern world, there is a lot of value in making sure that everyone is on the same page, whether you are a Professor at a college or a Home-maker that has three kids to manage and get out the door every day. PubMyCal is a great website that can be a huge help

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Create simple comparison tables with HTML or CSS with CompareNinja

Do you have a point or a message to communicate? Do you want people to compare different facets or features of an issue or topic? If so, what you may need is to make your point visually, with a table. CompareNinja is a free web site that will allow you to make simple visual comparison


Map the sky and learn about astronomy with Aciqra

Aciqra is a great free program for astronomy enthusiasts. It will map the sky for you, act as a virtual planetarium (in 2D) and will even track movement of stellar phenomena like planets and stars or even deep space objects (DSOs), and more. As a kid I had this book about the solar system and


Map your mind in vibrant 3D graphics with Topicscape Student Edition

Topicscape SE (student edition) is a unique, free visual mind-mapping tool that it is rendered in vibrant 3D color-coded graphics. By incorporating the third dimension into the idea of mind-mapping software and making it more visually interactive, Topicscape SE helps you access and better organize your notes, information and research for any project or idea.