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FREE OCR software: a survey of desktop and online tools

Printing text to paper is done every day; on some occasions however the reverse is needed – getting the original text back from a scanned image or photograph, for further editing and use. This conversion is named Optical Character Recognition or OCR for short, and it can convert scanned books and documents into editable text,

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Free Giveaway: ‘YoWindow Unlimited’ weather app and screensaver

We’ve featured a number of giveaways on Freewaregenius in the past, but this one is by far the most exciting to date. You may remember YoWindow, a desktop-based weather app for Windows and Mac featuring a very nice visual twist: the weather conditions and time of day are represented through atmospheric on-screen visuals. And while

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Teach children basic programming concepts, with RoboMind

Give kids a playful environment that they can interact with freely, and a cute Robot that they can control via simple instructions, and … just like that, they will start learning basic programming concepts and logic. This, at least, is what RoboMind is designed to do; and it works; I’ve seen it first hand, demonstrated

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Send files to another computer, with FileDrop (Windows, Mac)

Imagine the scene: you are sitting in your living room/office/cafe and would like to send a file to someone’s computer who is next to you. What do you do? Email it? Copy it to a shared Dropbox folder? Attempt to configure a shared network connection? With FileDrop, it is simply a matter of dragging and

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Readefine may be the best desktop-based Google Reader client

Let’s face it: Google Reader is the world’s foremost RSS aggregator. If you do use it, you may have seen a number of desktop clients and browser extensions that tweak it’s layout, attempt to beautify it, and make it more accessible via a newspaper style interface. That, in a nutshell, is what this free Adobe


‘Rigs of Rods’ is a FREE vehicle simulator with accurate physics and sweet crashes

Have you ever wanted to see what it would look like if you crashed your car into a telephone pole? Are you a student of physics, either professional or amateur? If you said yes to either of these questions, you may want to check out Rigs of Rods, a project that is part simulator, part


Wunderlist 2 is on the way as Wunderkit is nixed

If you follow this blog you know that we are very fond of Wunderlist, the stylish, GTD-influenced task management app which saves your data in the cloud and can be used on mobile devices and for sharing tasks with your team. Not only did we award it (the coveted) Freewaregenius pick award, but we also

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Get automatic alerts whenever your chosen topic is Tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, etc … with Mention

Mention is a neat little service that will track any mentions of you, your brand, or your favorite topics across the internet, including Tweets, Facebook mentions, blog posts, etc. The free plan provides 1000 mentions a month, and the results might surprise or entertain you. Who doesn’t want to know when others are talking about


Brick Force – Is Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming dying or is it just evolving?

Massive Multiplayer Online Games, also called MMOs, have been around for some time now and it has been stated by some supposed experts that they are on the way out the door. The Internet community in general and the more than two billion people who play them tend to argue differently, however. One game that


Chat and collaborate on projects with Brosix Personal, a secure, private, encrypted IM client

Brosix Personal IM is a free private and instant messaging system. It is easy to use and has many of the features and bells and whistles you would expect from most modern Instant Messaging services and a few more, such as a whiteboard, secure file sharing, and desktop sharing. Most importantly, Brosix is secure, encrypted


Run your favorite Android Apps and Games on your Windows or Mac with BlueStacks Beta

BlueStacks Beta is a great program for Windows and Mac OS that will let you run your favorite Android Games and Apps right on your desktop system. It’s totally free to download and use during the Beta phase of development, and very easy to get started. I have an Android Tablet. My neighbor has an