STDU Viewer: one-stop ebook reader for PDF, DJV, XPS, CBZ, CBR, TIFF, and TXT formats

STDU Viewer is a free, all-around edocument and ebook reader that supports PDF, Deja-Vu (DJV), Comic Book Archive (CBZ, CBR), TIFF, Text, and XPS documents. It offers a good range of functions including a tabbed interface for multiple document views, a powerful search function, user defined actions for double-clicking on any of the four quarters


PDFTools: splits, joins, extracts PDF pages and provides a myriad of other functions

PDFTools is a free tool that can perform a wide range of PDF editing functions including ones that you would expect such merging, splitting and extracting of PDF pages, as well as many other less common functions such as stamping PDFs with a text message or image, rearranging PDF pages in a document, as well


Free PDF to Word Converter: desktop app offers excellent PDF to Word/Doc conversions

Smart Soft’s Free PDF to Word Converter is a free program that offers one-click PDF to Word (DOC) conversions. It performs conversions locally on your desktop (i.e. it is not a web service) and offers excellent fidelity to the original document. I’ve written about PDF to Word/Doc conversions before (see the previously published comparative test);


JPEG to PDF: convert JPGs to PDFs quickly and easily

JPEG to PDF is a free program that can convert JPG images into a PDF file (or multiple PDF files) quickly and easily. It is a small, portable program that does not require installation. How do you convert JPG images into PDF? Typically I would recommend using a virtual PDF printer, which not only can


PDF to Excel Free: free PDF to Excel conversions

PDF to Excel Free is a free web service that is specifically designed to convert PDFs with lots of data tables into Excel files. It will automatically detects data tables, transfer them into Excel format, and recreates their formatting and appearance. Conversion is performed remotely on the site; you will have to upload your file


PDF to Word Free: web service that delivers free, high quality PDF to DOC conversions

PDF to Word Free is a free web service that offers high-quality conversions of PDF files to DOC or RTF formats that can be used in Microsoft word or other Rich Text Editors. It lets you upload PDF files through a web interface and will then send the converted file via email as an attachment.


PDF Split and Merge 2.0: a PDF editor with a visual interface

PDF Split and Merge 2.0 is a powerful free PDF editing program that can split, merge, and extract PDF documents. It employs a visual editing interface that allows users to drag and drop thumbnails of pages to arrange or combine them, and to edit pages (rotate, delete, etc) by right clicking on them. If you


Impressive: display PDF’s and images as (stylish) PowerPoint-style presentations

Impressive is a free multi-platform app that can display any PDF file or folder containing image files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP) as a slideshow presentation. It can be used to present PDFs or images as full-screen PowerPoint-style presentations or it can function as a full-screen reader. “Impressive” also offers a combination of sophisticated slide


ComiX: browse more than 150 comic strips in one small interface

ComiX is free comic strip browser that downloads and displays more than 150 comic strips browsable by their publication date. An interesting little gem that puts many of your favorite comic strips at your fingertips for quick browsing. Here are some notes on this program: Available comics: the version I tested supported 156 comics including


“Some PDF to Word Converter”: convert PDFs to DOC competently and in batch

Some PDF to Word Converter is a free converts PDF into Word documents. It offers batch processing, a degree of customizablity for the output document, and very good overall performance. Most importantly, it is fully useable and does not require any registration or codes and does not expire within a certain time period. I’ve previously


Read ebooks and electronic texts twice as fast (or more) with WordFlashReader

WordFlashReader is an open source program that promises to increase your reading speed (of electronic texts) by multiple factors, as well as increase your comprehension of them. It will flash the words within a text in sequence (individually or in chunks) on the screen in large font, with pauses for punctuation. WordFlashReader can open and


ComicRack is a full-featured comic ebook reader and manager

ComicRack is a free comic ebook reader for CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, TAR and PDF formats. It is designed as a full-feature reader with bells and whistles as well as being a manager for your library of comic ebooks and metadata. It can also convert ebooks to other ebook formats. If you don’t know what