Optimize PDF’s for reading on your Kindle 3: crop then (optionally) convert to AZW

If you have a Kindle 3 (the one with the 6″ screen) chances are that you love it, as I do. Except that reading most PDF ebooks and documents on Kindle 3 is rather annoying and can be downright impossible, with unreadable, miniscule text and lots of wasted white space in the margins. This is


GPDF2SWF: convert and publish PDF documents as flash SWF

If you’ve ever wanted to publish a PDF in SWF (flash) form then read on: GPDF2SWF is a free tool that can do this very easily. GPDF2SWF is the graphical user interface for a tool called PDF2SWF, and is part of SWFTOOLS, a collection of SWF related command line executables. This program can load up


Briss: crop your PDF documents using a visual interface

Ever wanted to crop a PDF document or eBook? Briss is a freeware software that allows you to do this visually, by drawing rectangles over the page layout of your PDF. It works great in conjunction with ebook reading devices, to remove excess margins and hone in on the text or content of the document, or cropping multiple columns of text to create a page out of each for example. […]


FreeOCR.net: free optical character recognition program converts images to text in multiple languages

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to obtain editable text out of an image or a PDF file created from a scanned document? What you need in this case is “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR) software that will literally “read” the document and try to identify characters and words visually, and FreeOCR.net is


jPDF Tweak: your all-in-one PDF merging, extracting, and editing toolkit

jPDF Tweak is a free, open-source PDF editing app. It can merge PDF documents, convert them into printable booklets with multiple pages per sheet, extract, rotate, scale, or shuffle pages. But that’s not all. Other functions include adding a background watermark image or page numbers, adding or editing bookmarks, page transitions, viewer preferences, or document


AnyBizSoft PDF to Word: Free Giveaway

A popular post on this blog which you might have seen compares different ways to convert PDF to Word (Doc or RTF) formats for free, with several desktop-based programs and several online services tested. One of the programs written up is AnyBizSoft’s PDF to Word converter, whose version 2.53 was being provided 100% free. Aside


Calibre: a single place to view, tag, and manage your ebook collection

Last week Amazon announced that its sales of ebooks, in units, have exceeded its sales of hardback books. Further proof, of course, that the age of the ebook is upon us, and all the more reason for you to check out Calibre, a free, multiplatform ebook management software that is simply best in class. Calibre


Free eBook Readers – Read eBooks on your PC, Mac, Netbook, iPad, and More

On Monday the cost for Amazon’s Kindle dropped from $259 down to $189 and Barnes & Noble’s Nook dropped to $199 while they introduced a wi-fi only version for only $149. For a quick comparison of the three devices, you might find the B&N comparison chart interesting though it is a bit biased in their


How to add bookmarks to a PDF document (using free software)

This posting will describe the process of adding bookmarks to your PDF document using free software. Bookmarks are used in PDFs as an interactive index that can instantly transport the reader to certain pages, sections, individual elements within the documents, and even external documents or media files. PDF bookmarks add an extra dimension to PDF


How to export to PDF from MS Office 2007

One of the more consistently touted features of OpenOffice is its ability to export documents straight to PDF. But did you know that Office 2007 supports exporting to PDF format as well? All you need to do is download and install the free “Save as PDF’” Office 2007 add-on from Microsoft. Once installed, this add-on


Nuance PDF Reader: free reader offers PDF form-filling and saving, online PDF-to-Doc conversions, and direct access to Sharepoint

Nuance PDF Reader is a free PDF document reader and alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader. It offers a number of nice features, such as the ability to fill PDF forms and save them to your hard drive, the ability to open and save PDFs straight into Sharepoint, and the option to upload your PDFs to


gDoc Creator: provides free PDF to Word conversion, as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF or XPS

gDoc Creator is a free program that can perform a number of document format conversions, including converting PDF to Word (.DOC) format. It can convert PDF, XPS, or any MS Office format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) into any of three formats: DOC, PDF, or XPS. It also can optionally install add-ins for MS Office that enable