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Browse the ‘shelves of the net’ with Bookflavor

Do you ever miss the days when getting a new book meant going to a book store and wandering between the aisles, browsing and perusing the latest works from your favorite authors? Even though I love the age of ebooks, I do still sometimes miss those days. Well, Bookflavor is a way we can get

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Three great ways to find free eBooks online

Do you love to read but hate to pay high prices for your printed entertainment? You’re not alone. Over the last few years there has been an absolute explosion of e-books on the Internet and on mobile devices and the best news about this is that a great many of them are absolutely free! That’s

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How to convert CBZ & CBR files to PDF

I noticed some users looking for this, so here’s how to convert CBZ and CBR ebook files into PDF. This can be easily done using free software. You will need 2 tools; a decompression program that can extract ZIP and RAR, and JPGtoPDF, a program that can convert multiple image files into a single PDF.

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Add thumbnail previews to PDF files in Windows with PDF Preview

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the first things most people install on a computer, but one thing which I do not understand is why it does not offer the option for thumbnail previews in Windows (other free PDF readers, such as PDF XChange Viewer, offer this by default). If you use Adobe PDF Reader

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Create a beautiful and professional resume or CV with PDF CV

PDF CV is a neat little free web-based program that will let you create a new CV or resume in PDF format and then download it to your system directly. It’s super simple, very easy to get the hang of, and costs nothing. There’s been a lot of changes in the last twelve years. I

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Convert screenshots to text with Capture2Text, a free optical character recognition (OCR) app

There are times when you might see some on-screen text and want to grab it or use it in a document, only to find that for some reason it refuses to be clipped (e.g. it might be graphics-based or the document might be protected or whatever). A quick and easy solution would be a program


View and Manage your comics and digital images with GonVisor

GonVisor is a free program that will help you to not only organize and manage your electronic format comics, mangas, magazines and books, but also print, read or modify them as well. All this is done is a very clean interface that has tons of options and features. Supports CBR, CBZ, CBA comics folders as


“Soda 3D PDF Reader” adds a nice ‘page flipping’ effect to your PDF reading experience

What does “3D PDF” mean? A PDF reader that can ‘flip’ pages visually in 3D as if reading a real book. Soda 3D PDF a free PDF reader that can do this for PDFs as well as CBR and CBZ comic book formats. Additionally, it can also convert just about any document type into PDF.


Free Giveaway – ABBYY Screenshot reader performs on-screen Optical Character Recognition

Ever wanted to edit or use some on-screen text from a PDF or any other source, only to find that for whatever reason you couldn’t do it? (say, the text was in fact an image, or the clipboard was disabled, or whatever reason). If so, then check out AABBYY Screenshot reader, a nifty screenshot-to-text OCR


Free eBook Giveaway: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Users of MS Office 2010 take note: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks is an ebook that offers insights on advanced MS Office functionality valued at $6.95, but offered for free through Wednesday Nov 16th 2011. This ebook contains tips for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook, and covers many of the features of Office 2010


Read your eBooks on your Android with Cool Reader

There are plenty of eBook readers out there, and even more than a few for mobile devices like Androids. That means, of course, that you have tons of options for  which reader you choose to use. How, then, do you decide which one? The simple answer is to use Cool Reader. Cool Reader(CR) is an


More Than Just a Textbook eReader, Inkling is a Powerful iPad Study Tool with Some Serious Economic Advantages

One day, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will sit on their mommies’ and daddies’ knees and hear an almost unbelievable account of how people used to actually cut down trees to make paper. They will regard you and me with the same combination of sympathy and condescension that we have for outhouse owners, “Those poor, uneducated peasants.”