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FREE OCR software: a survey of desktop and online tools

Printing text to paper is done every day; on some occasions however the reverse is needed – getting the original text back from a scanned image or photograph, for further editing and use. This conversion is named Optical Character Recognition or OCR for short, and it can convert scanned books and documents into editable text,

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Convert screenshots to text with Capture2Text, a free optical character recognition (OCR) app

There are times when you might see some on-screen text and want to grab it or use it in a document, only to find that for some reason it refuses to be clipped (e.g. it might be graphics-based or the document might be protected or whatever). A quick and easy solution would be a program


Free Giveaway – ABBYY Screenshot reader performs on-screen Optical Character Recognition

Ever wanted to edit or use some on-screen text from a PDF or any other source, only to find that for whatever reason you couldn’t do it? (say, the text was in fact an image, or the clipboard was disabled, or whatever reason). If so, then check out AABBYY Screenshot reader, a nifty screenshot-to-text OCR


Free Online OCR: web app delivers editable text from scanned images or PDFs

Do you have PDF documents or images (e.g. JPG, PNG, TIFF) that were created using a scanner, and that you wish you could convert to editable text? Free Online OCR is a web service that can perform optical character recognition (OCR) on your scanned images and/or image based PDF documents, in order to generate a “normal” text

FreeOCR1 free optical character recognition program converts images to text in multiple languages

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to obtain editable text out of an image or a PDF file created from a scanned document? What you need in this case is “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR) software that will literally “read” the document and try to identify characters and words visually, and is



JOCR is a little program that can capture an image from any part of the desktop and perform optical character recognition (convert images to text) on the contents. It is free to download and use but it uses a resource provided with MS Office, and requires that Microsoft Office 2003 or higher be installed on