Read your eBooks on your Android with Cool Reader

There are plenty of eBook readers out there, and even more than a few for mobile devices like Androids. That means, of course, that you have tons of options for  which reader you choose to use. How, then, do you decide which one? The simple answer is to use Cool Reader. Cool Reader(CR) is an


More Than Just a Textbook eReader, Inkling is a Powerful iPad Study Tool with Some Serious Economic Advantages

One day, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will sit on their mommies’ and daddies’ knees and hear an almost unbelievable account of how people used to actually cut down trees to make paper. They will regard you and me with the same combination of sympathy and condescension that we have for outhouse owners, “Those poor, uneducated peasants.”


The big list of free Kindle tools

There are quite a few programs and web services that can be really useful to Kindle owners. This post compiles 17 of these that every Kindle user should know about, ranging from eBook conversion programs to services that can broadcast your favorite websites to your Kindle. Note that many of the tools listed here aren’t


How to read PDFs on the Kindle (or smartphone, or any small-screen device) – revisited

Converting PDFs to the Amazon Kindle is not a straightforward affair. While there are many tools that can do the conversion to another format such as .MOBI, re-casting a typical PDF document into an ebook that works on a small screen requires more than mere change of format. Formatting a PDF for the kindle can


Hamster Free Ebook Converter: converts ebooks across a wide range of formats

Ebooks are here to stay. Since I bought my Kindle I have not bought a single, non-electronic book. But there is a dizzying range of ebook formats out there, and a definite need for a simple tool that can convert across these. Enter Hamster Free Ebook Converter, a small, free tool that can take a


24Symbols: delivers ad-supported ebooks on PCs and smartphone

Most people consume ad-supported TV and Radio, so why not ad-supported ebooks? That’s the basic model behind 24Symbols, a service which seeks to deliver all sorts of ebooks to PCs and smartphones. In a word, to be for ebooks what Spotify is for music. As of this writing the service is up and running. You


Martview: combines a stylish ebook reader with an app-store style ebook sharing portal

Martview is a free ebook viewer for PDFs, CBZ/CBR and it’s own MART format that emphasizes a book-like reading experience complete with virtual page flipping. In addition to the “flipping view”, it also offers “horizontal slide” and “vertical slide” views; the latter being my favorite of the three. It is also designed to work with


RoboReader: image viewer displays images and CBR/CBZ comics as on-screen floating objects

RoboReader is a free image viewing program that handles images as floating objects on the desktop. But more than that, it is also a comics viewer for CBR or CBZ ebook formats (or other compressed image archives) , and supports dual page image view, which is well suited for viewing comics. RoboReader is geared for


Read Ebooks on your MP3 player using "Ebook to Images"

“Ebook to Images” converts ebooks in most formats (.txt, .html, .htm, .lit, .pdf) to images that are custom formatted for reading on a mobile device. The idea is that while most portable devices such as MP3 players will not allow you to upload and view ebooks, many of them allow for image viewing on their



Ybook is a free ebook reader that visually ’simulates??? the look and feel of an actual paperback (see screenshot) and supports TXT, HTML, RTF, PDB and PRC ebook formats. It provides a number of useful features such as bookmarking, search, and custom formatting capabilities. It can also connect to and download titles from the Project



CDisplay is a program that allows you to view JPEG, PNG and GIF images that are compressed into a ZIP, RAR, ACE or RAR archive in an alphabetical sort order without having to decompress the archive. CDisplay was created as an ebook reader/viewer for .CBZ and .CBR ebook/comic book files. CBZ and CBR files are essentially