gTrans (short for Google Translator Interface) is a free, memory resident program that can do on-the-fly text translations using the Google engine. It is a small program that can be accessed through the system tray and supports multiple-language translations. Ever found yourself humming a song and wondering what the words to it would sound in,



Freespell is a memory-resident spell-checker that can be be invoked through a hotkey combination from within any application. It uses the Aspell open source engine. Here’s how this progam works: From any application, select the text that you would like to spell-check and press the hotkey combination (Windows Key+Z by default). A DOS-based window will



Mobysaurus is a free English thesaurus and dictionary that runs in the background and be accessed inside any application from the system tray or using a hotkey. It resides locally on your machine, which means that it can be used offline, and integrates an impressive range of references including Roget’s Thesaurus, WordNet, GCDIE Dictionary, and



PhraseExpress is freeware system-tray resident macro engine that can insert user defined text and phrases whenever the user enters a certain text string or presses a hotkey combination. It can also function as a universal spelling checker for commonly misspelled words. This program automates the insertion of phrases that are often used into any application. Here



CleverKeys is a free program that provides spelling checks, thesaurus, and definitions of terms within any application such as browsers, email programs, text editors, etc. It taps into online resources from, and Imagine: you are typing in a comment at an online forum when you need to use a word but are