Learn Foreign Languages

Five fantastic tools to learn a foreign language for free

Want to learn a foreign language? The web is full of resources to help you do so, and in this post we will showcase five of the best resources that will help you learn and improve the language of your choice and have a ton of FUN doing it. The tools mentioned here are somewhat English-centric

PaperRater ScreenShot00237

‘PaperRater’ is a virtual editor that checks your spelling and grammar – for free

Did you ever wish you could have a professional editor check your work before turning it in? Are you familiar with the concept and use of a spell checker but still worried about grammar mistakes? Well worry no more, and put that wallet down! PaperRater is a free web service that uses advanced programming and


Check spelling AND grammar both, with Ginger

Chrome’s built in spell checker works ok insofar as that goes (except on those occasions when it fails to kick in), but what about when you want to check for both spelling and grammar? In this case, what you need is Ginger, which checks both, and whose developers claim is more accurate and corrects up


Check any text for originality and/or plagiarism with Plagiarisma

The Internet is full with people who copy other people’s content to complete assignments, articles, and whatnot, whether it’s students, would-be writers or webmasters. If you are a content creator or teacher and you want to check whether the article you received or parts of it are copied, give Plagiarisma a try. What is Plagiarisma?


Lookup the meaning of words on webpages instantly with Multiple Dictionary Lookup for Firefox

If you’ve ever needed to lookup the meaning of a word on a webpage, we’ve got good news: ‘Multiple Dictionary Lookup’ can make this as easy as right clicking the word in Firefox. What’s even better, it gives you multiple dictionary options to choose from. As the name suggests, the add-on allow users to search


Two great “Free Speech” tools for Chrome

In honor of July fourth, and because I write about my experiences and opinions, I thought a couple of free speech extensions would be appropriate for this post. Chrome Speak and Speak to Search are two great tools for Chrome that can make your browsing life easier and free up your eyes and hands when


imTranslator speaks your language, and everyone else’s too!

imTranslator is a free website that lets you use powerful interpretation software, and will even speak for you in other languages. With support for more than fifty different languages, tons of TTS (Text To Speech) options, and downloadable widgets and plug-ins imTranslator is one of the best ways to quickly and easily handle your everyday


Graph Words is a free online visual thesaurus

A visual thesaurus creates a graphic representation of the word you are looking for in relation to other synonyms, which is precisely what the free online service does: enter your desired word and it will be displayed in the middle of the screen surrounded by various synonyms. Mouse over the round ‘nodes’ that separate your

Get Multiple Translations Fast with QTranslate

With the advent of the Internet, it’s become common for people that speak different languages to converse on a regular basis, either for business or pleasure. Personally, I communicate with three different people that speak a language other than English on a regular basis. This means I am almost always on the lookout for better


Translate any text in any program instantly with Transmiti

By now, most everyone is used to Google-translated pages when browsing a foreign language web page. However, what about foreign language phrases elsewhere in Windows, such as in PDF or DOC documents or other non-browser applications. (Or, for that matter, when Google translate for whatever reason fails to kick in, which is not an infrequent

iespell screenshot


IESpell is an Internet Explorer extension that can perform spelling checks on all text inside Internet Explorer user-input forms. Although it runs locally on your hard drive and can be used offline, it can provide instant, context-menu based word/reference lookups from online resources. Do you create a lot of text/content straight from the browser: do


Polyglot 3000

Polyglot 3000 is a small program that can recognize the language of any text, phrase, or word that you provide to it. It can recognize over 400 different languages. Let’s say you’re surfing the web and come upon a website or article that interests you, except its in some foreign language you can’t identify. You