Read RSS feeds right on the Chrome toolbar with RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader is just what it sounds like, a free Chrome extension that will allow you to manage and read your RSS and Atom feed subscriptions. It offers an at-a-glance overview of your RSS subscriptions and news articles right from the Google Chrome toolbar. There are numerous of programs out there for reading and

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Combine your favorite sites and social networks into a handy mosaic with the Pulse app

Pulse is an app for Android, iPhone and iPad that will help you organize and enjoy your favorite news feeds, social networks and other web pages. It does this by collecting the sources you specify and then combining them into a seamless mosaic that is super easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Pulse has many


Convert print articles to voice with Vocalyze for the web, iPhone and Android

If I told you that there was a service that can read (print) news and blogs automatically and convert them to speech, would you be interested or would you run away? Frankly, I would have done the latter, as the prospect of a robo-voice reading articles without any human emotional inflection does not sound too

Eleven must have free add-ons for Skype

Eleven must have free add-ons for Skype

Skype is transforming the world on a daily basis. It is one of those programs that is as likely to be used in the middle of nowhere in a developing country as it is in a fortune 500 company. This article will present eleven must have free add-ons for Skype that extend what it can

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KlipFolio is a desktop-based interactive widget engine.It is designed to be a personaldashboard that monitors any type of online information (such as news, videos, email, RSS feeds, stocks, weather, ebay auctions, etc), but also offers offline tools such as memory/cpu/folder monitoring. It features a slick, customizable user interface and supports hundreds of available widgets (called