KanBanFlow visual overview

Collaborate in real time and track projects, with KanBanFlow

Do you run a business or have to collaborate with colleagues that are in other states or countries? Do you need a new way to track productivity on projects? Do you enjoy organizational tools in general? If you answered yes to any one of these then you will be interested to check out KanBanFlow, a

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Share a canvas with collaborators around the world, with CanvasDropr

Ever had a project you wanted to collaborate on with people on the other side of the country, or even the world? There are a few decent free programs out there to do this but CanvasDropr offers a whole new, visual method to do it that, while currently in Beta, is already shaping up to


Three great solutions to collaborate online: Dropmark, Online Support Tools, and Fullsync

We keep saying things like, “The world is smaller now,” and “The shortest distance between two places is now a byte’” and when it comes to business these days we are just as likely to be working with someone two states or continents away as we are someone two blocks away. In this post we

Stream live audio or webcam video feeds for free with BrainRepublic

Ever wanted to stream your own live show?, or broadcast a live audio or video webcam event to a group of collaborators, colleagues, students, fans, etc? Ever wished there was an easy way to log in and just go live, for free, with the simplicity of pressing a button? Well guess what; there is, and


Collaborate on projects and keep documents and code in sync with QikPad

Working together with someone else can be rewarding, certainly, but it can also have its challenges, especially in the modern world where we don’t all live next door to each other. QikPad is a handy online program that will let you collaborate on projects, letters, code, and anything else you can work with through text,


Chat and collaborate on projects with Brosix Personal, a secure, private, encrypted IM client

Brosix Personal IM is a free private and instant messaging system. It is easy to use and has many of the features and bells and whistles you would expect from most modern Instant Messaging services and a few more, such as a whiteboard, secure file sharing, and desktop sharing. Most importantly, Brosix is secure, encrypted


Control your Android from your desktop using AirDroid – a free remote management app

AirDroid is an free Android application from Sand Studios that lets you control your Android and most of its functions remotely, including moving media files and documents to and from your Android wirelessly without a USB connection. It requires that both your Android and your desktop computer be connected to the same WIFI network, and

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Get remote access to other computers for free with Kaseya

Kaseya is a free toolkit that allows you to provide remote assistance to another system via Internet connection. It’s free to use, and there’s a wealth of information and support available at no cost as well. Kaseya is the kind of program that speaks for itself in how it works as well as what it


Supercharge your web cam with SplitCam: add effects, broadcast to IM services, use with multiple programs at once, etc.

SplitCam is a free the program that not only allows you to split the output of your web cam but also allows you to do that nearly anything else you can think of with your web cam, such as adding effects to live video, using your webcam with more than one application at once, and

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Access your desktop remotely from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with Jump Desktop

Have you ever wished that you could access your home desktop computer from your phone or tablet while on the go? Perhaps you had a file on your desktop that you wanted, or maybe you wanted to start a process of some sort like a file download or report-generation, etc. Whatever it may be, if

desktop monitor

Video chat with multiple people at once with ooVoo, a multi-platform text and video chat client

ooVoo is an instant messaging, chat, and video conferencing solution with a ton of great features, at no cost.  While there are lots of messaging programs out there, and no shortage of new contenders for the heavyweight title of ‘Best Multi-Messaging Program”, ooVoo wants to be the ultimate comprehensive package to stay in touch with