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EagleGet Screenshot - video download button2

EagleGet: an impressive download manager and video downloader in one

Download managers seem to have gone out of fashion, for reasons that I cannot put my finger on, while ‘video downloaders’ have became commonplace. Enter ‘EagleGet’, a FREE download manager that combines both functions. It promises to (a) greatly increase your download speed, and (b) to let you to download videos from ANY video sharing

Apr 10, 2013
Samer Kurdi

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How to download videos from Hulu: a step by step guide (updated)

Here’s a step by step guide to downloading videos from Hulu using free software Freemake Video Downloader. This post updated Oct 23rd 2012. Note that while other tools were mentioned in previous versions of this article (e.g. Streamtransport), Hulu had changed their encryption since, and at the time of writing this article Freemake Video Downloader

Oct 23, 2012
Samer Kurdi


Two FREE tools to grab images in batch from any website: OWIDIG and ‘Image Collector Extension’ for Chrome

Ever wanted to download multiple images images from a page all at once? There are a number of good utilities out there for this purpose, and this post will present two of them:(1) OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and Image Grabber) is a free online service that will process any URL that you throw at

Jun 25, 2012
B.C. Tietjens


Automatically download pictures and videos from social networking sites with Social Folders

Social Folders is a free program available for Mac and Windows that acts almost like a Dropbox for your social networking content like photos and videos. Social Folders will automatically connect to your various social networks, and automatically download the content you choose, directly to your computer. The free version of Social Folders allows 3

Mar 28, 2012
B.C. Tietjens


Download TED talks en-masse with TED Downloader

Most everyone knows about the TED conference, which grew from a one-off event held in California in 1984 to being the one of internet’s most important forums for thinkers to present their ideas. The so, called ‘TED Talks’ are not only thought provoking but quite entertaining. You can watch these on or on the

Dec 17, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Download cool free games with Game Downloader

With app stores becoming ever more popular, wouldn’t it be cool if there were a free software you could install that would download all freeware games? GameDownloader is that program. GameDownloader is an open source quasi app-store/free game portal. The games on offer are mostly established, popular free games, many of which you have heard

Nov 7, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Update Windows and other essential apps from one place with Patch My PC

Software updates through the internet are very convenient, but with the increasing number of programs on your machine they could become quite a time consuming or distracting affair. Which is precisely why this program can be so useful: Patch My PC is a free software that can manage the updates for a range of software

Nov 7, 2011
Samer Kurdi


MDownloader: automate downloads from file hosting sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, and more than a dozen others

MDownloader is a free software for downloading files from popular media hosting sites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload and more than a dozen others. It removes the need for human intervention when downloading files, allowing you to queue the files you want to download and forget about them; MDownloader will check for file availability, wait for

Jul 9, 2010
Samer Kurdi


ClipNabber: download videos from a wide range of services, on any browser (including Chrome)

I was recently doing research for a post (Twelve Must Have Extensions for Google Chrome) and was surprised that there did not seem to be any simple “download any video from any video sharing site” extensions for Chrome, similar to DownThemAll or Download Helper for Firefox. What I wanted was a plugin that can produce

May 30, 2010
Samer Kurdi


SkipScreen for Firefox automates downloading from file hosting services

Anyone who has every downloaded files from file hosting services such as Rapidshare or Megaupload is well familiar with the ritual “dance” involved in the process, which consists of waiting for on-screen counters to count-down then moving through multiple screens until at long last your download link becomes available. (Not to mention having to re-do the

Apr 8, 2010
Samer Kurdi


StreamTransport: download videos from Hulu as well as other encrypted or unencrypted media sites

StreamTransport is a free video downloading software that can download media from video sharing sites such as YouTube as well as encrypted media (video or music) from sites such as Hulu. It can browse and download media from sites using HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPTE protocols, which covers most video and media sharing sites.

Mar 13, 2010
Samer Kurdi


PeerBlock: avoid detection when downloading from torrent or p2p networks

PeerBlock is an open source IP filtering application partially based on the PeerGuardian code. It is designed to prevent your computer from making undesirable connections, such as to machines flagged for anti p2p activities, corporations, governments, etc. This can significantly decrease your chances of being detected when downloading from p2p or Torrent networks, or of

Nov 16, 2009
Samer Kurdi