Changedetection-screenshot1_s monitors websites for changes and notifies you via email is a free web service that monitors website(s) you want for changes and sends you email notifications when they occur. Changes are highlighted on the page and a history of changes is kept and is accessible for future reference. Why you need this app: although many sites have RSS feeds or email subscription options


TweetMyPC: control your PC remotely by sending a Tweet

TweetMyPC is a free Twitter application that can shut down your PC remotely and/or perform a range of commands as soon as you send it a tweet. Other commands include restarting your PC, downloading stuff to your PC, and even sending files to you from your PC – all based on your tweets. TweetMyPC v2.0


How to change your default browser on Windows XP to portable Firefox (or any other portable browser)

This posting will describe how to change your default system browser on Windows XP to a portable version of Mozilla Firefox using a free program called DefaultBrowser, doing so reversibly and without installing the non portable version. The same process described here could be used to change your default browser to any portable (or non


Nine ways to check RSS feeds (including some unusual ones)

There are many ways to check RSS feeds. Two of the most popular are using a local RSS client (such as RSSOwl) and using a web-based reader (such as Google Reader). This posting will present nine interesting (and at times unusual) free ways to check RSS feeds, including using dekstop widgets (KlipFolio), RSS feeds as tabs on


Jdownloader: automates downloads from Rapidshare, Megaupload and other file hosting services

Jdownloader is free software designed to download files from Rapidshare, MegaUpload and other one-click file hosting services (as well as many video sharing sites) in an automated manner without user intervention. It will automatically decrypt “encrypted” download links, manage wait times, recognize enter CAPTCHAs, and attempt reconnections from dynamic IPs in order to circumvent wait


Invisible Hand: Firefox extension can save you money on online purchases

Invisible Hand is a free Firefox extension that kicks into action when you visit any of a number of well-known online shopping sites. It can monitor the pages you are browsing and notify you if the items you are looking at are available at a better price in any of the other sites on its


Printee: make any web page printer friendly with this Internet Explorer extension

Printee is a free Internet Explorer extension designed to remove elements of a webpage to create a perfectly printable page without ads or extra information (e.g sidebars, unrelated images, other stories on the page) that you might not want to waste ink and paper printing. Provides a single-click wizard when pressing CTRL+G that can provide


Double Vision: watch web video while you work

Double Vision is a freeware program designed for viewing web video (such as YouTube, Netflix, and Fancast) while you work, by providing a semi-transparent player that shows through all other windows and programs that are visible on your desktop. Imagine that you’re at work pulling reports from the database or working on spreadsheets, but that


Greased Lightbox: Firefox script brings the “Lightbox” image viewing style to any photo website

Greased Lightbox is a free Firefox/GreaseMonkey script that delivers “Lightbox” type image viewing style (seen on sites like this one) to many sites that link to images such as Flickr and Google images. Every once in a while I get emails asking me about the “Lightbox” style image viewing I have on this site from


Close’n Forget for Firefox removes cookies and history when closing out a tab

Close’n Forget is a free Firefox extension that allows you to close out a tab or window and instantly erase traces of the site(s) you were browsing in that tab or window (cookies and/or history) without erasing those from other browsing activity. It adds a single red button in your browser toolbar that can provide


Canaware NetNotes: capture web pages then store and edit them within a local knowledge base

Canaware NetNotes is a free program that can capture web pages and stores and organizes them within a searchable, local knowledge base. It can capture entire pages or individual elements such as paragraphs, images, or certain code snippets, and allows you to edit them using a full-fledged WYSIWYG article editor. It supports right-click browser integration