Twelve absolute must-have Google Chrome plugins

There’s somewhat of an explosion of Chrome plugins taking place at the moment. Which is great, because to be totally honest for me the biggest barrier to switching to Chrome was the collection of plugins that I used with other browsers and have come to depend on (e.g.#1, 2, and 4 below).   The following


TweetDeck: powerful, multi-platform, multi-device Twitter client

TweetDeck is a free Twitter client built on Adobe Air technology. It is multi-platform (runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other environment that supports Adobe Air) and straddles multiple devices (both iPhone and iPad versions are available). TweedDeck is now the most popular Twitter app. Built by Twitter-client Iain Dodsworth, TweetDeck’s “reason for being”


Four useful free plugins for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been my favorite browser since I tried it last year. Absolutely love the speed, clean interface, and nice features. However, I still had to keep using my Firefox as well because of some of the plugins I used in Firefox. Recently Google Chrome also started supported plugins (they call them extensions). I


KwiClick – Firefox addon delivers a host of quick tasks right at your fingertips

KwiClick is an Addon for Firefox that simplifies multi-tasking and allows for some cool picture-in-picture style browsing. Ideally it makes your browsing more efficient, particularly if you’re not one to browse linearly. Often times you might be browsing along and need a word that you’re reading defined, want to know if there’s a trailer available


SkipScreen for Firefox automates downloading from file hosting services

Anyone who has every downloaded files from file hosting services such as Rapidshare or Megaupload is well familiar with the ritual “dance” involved in the process, which consists of waiting for on-screen counters to count-down then moving through multiple screens until at long last your download link becomes available. (Not to mention having to re-do the


SD Explorer: integrate “Windows Live Skydrive’s” 25 gigs of cloud storage with your desktop

Windows Live SkyDrive is a service that gives you online storage for uploading files and sharing them with other people. It was renamed from Windows Live Folders in August 2007 launched in February 2008, and in December 2008 it got a bump in its storage cap, from 5GB to 25GB. It has been getting minor updates


StreamTransport: download videos from Hulu as well as other encrypted or unencrypted media sites

StreamTransport is a free video downloading software that can download media from video sharing sites such as YouTube as well as encrypted media (video or music) from sites such as Hulu. It can browse and download media from sites using HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPTE protocols, which covers most video and media sharing sites.


Feed Notifier: get real-time RSS feed notifications in your system tray

Have you ever wished you could have pop-up notifications of the latest stories on the websites you read, the latest Tweets of people you follow, or even the latest eBay and Craigslist postings for items that you are interested in? This is exactly what Feed Notifier can do for you. Feed Notifier is a free,


PageZipper: consolidate articles or listings spanning multiple browser pages into one

PageZipper is a free Firefox extension and IE Bookmarklet that can merge articles or listings spanning multiple pages into a single browser page. It is useful in situations where you are interested in grabbing a web-clipping or exporting the entire article or listing to another application in one fell swoop, or simply if you would

Free Stock Ticker: display a real time stock ticker on your desktop

Free Stock Ticker is a free, small app designed to display stock ticker(s) on your desktop, as well as stock related headlines as hovering tooltips. It can also display regular RSS feeds or a combination of both. Are you interested in stocks? Do you invest or want to invest? Whatever your need, if you’ve ever


InvisibleHand Beta Invites

The people that brought you Firefox extension “InvisibleHand” would like 200 of Freewaregenius readers to be among the first to try their new version 1.8 beta. Just go to this page and use the access code “invisibleGenius”. Firefox extension “InvisibleHand” is an on-the-fly comparison shopping tool designed to instantly retrieve and display the best prices


BrowserMaster: choose your browser on-the-fly whenever you click on a link

BrowserMaster is a free app that registers itself as your system’s default browser and gives you the option to select which browser to use when opening internet links. It applies to links clicked from outside a browser, such as desktop shortcuts, links in documents, links in IM and email apps, etc. You likely have a