Adblock v. Adblock Plus: two Chrome extensions compared

Chrome Extensions are small programs that modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. The two most popular extensions listed in the Webstore are “AdBlock” and “Adblock Plus” – but which one of the two is the better one? This post will explore the differences between the two ad blocking extensions. [Editor’s note: this review


URLHistory: monitors your clipboard for URLs and (optionally) stores them

Do you frequently find yourself copying and pasting “disposable” URLs into text files or notes programs for later use? I know that I do, whether its one-off sites that I need to perform a specific task (and therefore do not want to bookmark or share), or download links from services like Rapidshare, etc. If you’re

uMap: visualize your uTorrent downloads on a Google map of the world

Have you ever wondered where in the world (literally) your torrent downloads are coming from? Whether you are downloading from people in adjacent states or countries or whether your file is being delivered from across the globe? If you use uTorrent (and by all means you should be), you could use an add-on (or “App”,

LastPass finally available on Opera

If you don’t know LastPass, I would describe it as the ultimate free cloud-based password manager and form filler. While hitherto available as a plug-in or extension for other browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), it has finally come to Opera with the release of the new beta of Opera 11, which (finally) introduces support


Virtual Router: create a wi-fi hotspot using a wifi-enabled PC and a wired internet connection

Imagine the following situation: you have multiple wireless-enabled PCs or devices, a wired internet connection, and no wireless router to connect a wi-fi hotspot. Would it be possible to use the wireless adapter from your PC to create a mobile hotspot that can be used to provide all of your wireless enabled devices with an


Bookmarklet Combiner: consolidate many bookmarklets into one

If you use a lot of bookmarklets, you might want to check out “Bookmarklet Combiner“, a free web service that will consolidate as many bookmarklets as you like into one, and then either display them in a popup window or alternately run the list of bookmarklets in batch. What can you do with a single,


Twelve must-have bookmarklets

“Bookmarklet” was once a very exciting word in the world of the internet. The little Javascript apps packaged in a bookmark and placed on your browser’s toolbar are able to provide one-click, value-added functionality that can greatly enhance your browsing. These days most people (myself included) prefer to install browser plugin or extensions that can


Zoner Photo Studio Free: view, manage, and edit your images via a single, integrated app

Are you looking for a good freeware image viewer? If so, you should look into this one. Zoner Photo Studio Free is a brilliant free image viewing and management app that combines a wealth of features and functions with a stylish, attractive user interface. The program is laid out in three different sections: a photo


ClipNabber: download videos from a wide range of services, on any browser (including Chrome)

I was recently doing research for a post (Twelve Must Have Extensions for Google Chrome) and was surprised that there did not seem to be any simple “download any video from any video sharing site” extensions for Chrome, similar to DownThemAll or Download Helper for Firefox. What I wanted was a plugin that can produce


VidCoder: easily convert your DVDs to video files

If you want an un-intimidating yet powerful software that can turn your DVDs to (much smaller) videos for your laptop, iPhone or other device, VidCoder will do the job beautifully. VidCoder is a free program that can convert a DVD to video files in MP4 or MKV formats.It uses the Handbrake encoding engine but masks


Desktop Google Reader: brings Google Reader to the desktop, integrates with Read it Later, Instapaper, and Twitter

Desktop Google Reader is a free app that can launch your Google Reader feeds right on the desktop, including popup notifications for new posts in the system tray. What’s interesting about this particular app is that it offers both “Read it Later” and “Instapaper” integration, allowing you to quickly add posts or items from your