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Manage multiple online storage accounts from one place with Otixo

Do you have files on multiple cloud storage accounts (e.g. multiple Dropbox accounts, Box.net, Google Documents, Picasa, even FTP and others) that you would like to manage from a single interface? If so, this service is for you. Otixo is a free online service that will connect with multiple cloud storage accounts and present them


Go “Cold Turkey” to break your addiction to certain websites

Just in time for finals (if you’re attending school), you might find yourself pretty easily distracted from doing your necessary work or studying. If you really want to shift your habits so you’ll be more focused and productive, it’s time to go Cold Turkey. Cold Turkey is a free/open-source application that makes it easy to

MultiMi Overview

View your social networks, email and media in one program: AVG MultiMi Beta

As if we can’t get enough of social networking in general; i.e. having every moment of our lives commented on and “liked,” a new application has come to us promising to help reign in all those social networks and media sites into one smooth interface. Currently in beta but promising to be free, AVG’s MultiMi


Access favorite applications and URLs right from Windows’ context menu with Context Menu Editor

Have you ever wished you could access a favorite program or website right from the right click context menu on your desktop ? Well now you can with the Context Menu Editor, a handy little freeware tool for Windows 7 and Vista that allows you, as administrator, to make changes to the options that appear


Chrome Remote Desktop provides free remote screen sharing from within Chrome

Have you ever had a friend call you up and ask for help with something on their computer? Many of us have, at one point or another, struggled with the process of trying to lead a friend (or even a customer) through the steps of troubleshooting a program or other issue on their system, when


FileQuery: right click to search for movie or music info (and unknown file types as well)

This program will let you right click any file to quickly search for it in Google or other search engines or services. It can be particularly useful in situations such as looking  up information on movie or music files (e.g. cover artwork or reviews), or for looking for unknown file types. FileQuery will differentiate between


Read your favorite web sites from nearly any phone with Tidyread.com

Do you love reading the latest articles on the web? Do you have a phone or other mobile device that can access the web but only in limited ways? Tidyread.com is the answer to your dilemma! Tidyread.com provides a very simple but very powerful service for free: It converts complex web pages that include flash


Send a torrent to anyone with Torrent2exe

Have you ever downloaded something from a torrent and wanted your friends who aren’t as tech-savvy as you to be able to do the same? I sure have. The solution: Torrent2Exe! Torrent2Exe is a rather brilliant, simple (and free) way to send a torrent file to anyone who uses a computer. Whether they are familiar


Create internet bookmarks as browser-independent files on your desktop with HTMtied

Ever wished you could manage your bookmarks on your desktop as files rather than within any particular browser you may be using? Ever wish you could have these bookmarks be browser independent, rather than associated with specific browsers, and that you could organize these within a browser independent folder structure? If so, then HTMtied is


Minus: share large files and photos with this stylish cloud hosting app

If I’ve seen one file sharing web service in the past few months I’ve seen a about twenty. But this one stands out from the pack in several respects; most notably its (ad-free) stylishness and support for multiple platforms and devices. Minus is a file hosting service that will let you upload and share large


Translate any text in any program instantly with Transmiti

By now, most everyone is used to Google-translated pages when browsing a foreign language web page. However, what about foreign language phrases elsewhere in Windows, such as in PDF or DOC documents or other non-browser applications. (Or, for that matter, when Google translate for whatever reason fails to kick in, which is not an infrequent


Lazarus form recovery: never lose any text or comment typed into an online form again

Ever spent a long time typing in a review or a comment or filling out a long form on a website, only to lose your text unexpectedly when you encounter an error or accidentally move off the page?. If so, this software can help. Lazarus is a free browser extension (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that