How to convert anything to anything online, for free (e.g. metrics, units of measurement, icons, etc.)

The internet offers the modern human a multitude of options that previous generations didn’t have. According to a friend of mine, one of those things is the ability to immediately convert almost anything to anything, online, at one site or using one program or another. While this is probably most useful to people who need


The easiest way to download YouTube videos: add ‘pwn’ to the URL

Imagine the scene: You’re visiting family and watching YouTube videos (naturally- isn’t this what all families do?) and your mother/brother/father wants to download the video. What to do? Do you hunt around the internet for a YouTube downloader type software? Do you start trying to remember the name of an online service that can do


Four FREE apps that can transform how you read the news

With the explosion of information and news sources that is the hallmark of the internet, application developers are coming up with creative ways to browse and read the news, adding functions such as customization, Geo-mapping, and social sharing and discovery to your reading experience, just to name a few. Moreover, if you subscribe to RSS


Send large files up to 2 gigs with WeTransfer

WeTransfer has to be one of the easiest, least involved and complicated FREE services for transferring large files on the internet. Simply drag-and-drop files up to 2 GB (one file or many, it doesn’t matter), and add the emails of up to 20 of your friends, who will receive download links (without seeing or otherwise


A comparison of FREE Cloud Storage Services

Now that the biggest tech companies in the world are taking aim at Dropbox (with Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon all offering their own cloud storage services), we thought we would compare the FREE cloud storage plans that are out there, in terms of how much free storage space they offer, how easy it is to


Supercharge your web cam with SplitCam: add effects, broadcast to IM services, use with multiple programs at once, etc.

SplitCam is a free the program that not only allows you to split the output of your web cam but also allows you to do that nearly anything else you can think of with your web cam, such as adding effects to live video, using your webcam with more than one application at once, and

Snackr Screenshot1

Add a scrolling RSS ticker to your desktop with Snackr

If information is power, then surely adding more of it onto your desktop in the form of an RSS feed ticker is a good thing, right? (Note: I am being somewhat facetious here). In any case, if an RSS ticker is what you want, then Snackr, a free multiplatform Adobe Air application, is what you

Noodzy Screenshot1

Make your daily Internet tasks faster and easier with Noodzy

Noodzy is a free web site program, currently in Beta, that allows you to use “#tags” to automate tasks that you would normally have to do manually on the web, such as post a Facebook notification or a Tweet, send email or check your inbox, search Google or YouTube, just to name a few, all


Track, restrict, and record activity on your PC with ‘Verity Parental Control’

Verity Parental Control is another freeware program that will help you keep your kids safe on the internet, as well as offline. Additionally, the program helps to keep your computer secure by monitoring all activity, not just when kids are on it. It’s simple to install and very easy to use. As a reviewer of


Log into your favorite websites automatically and securely with LoginCode

LoginCode is a great little free program that will keep your passwords for all your favorite web sites protected, as well as automatically logging you into those sites when you visit them. It is simple to install, supremely easy to use, and quite useful to those of us with more than one or two passwords.