sideload2 is a sister website to which aggregates all MP3 files that the users of MP3Tunes have found on the web and “sideloaded” into their MP3Tunes lockers. Sideload allows you to search MP3s, listen to them and/or copy them into your own MP3Tunes account. This review will adopt the question and answer format: Q:

Klipfolio Featured Image2


KlipFolio is a desktop-based interactive widget engine.It is designed to be a personaldashboard that monitors any type of online information (such as news, videos, email, RSS feeds, stocks, weather, ebay auctions, etc), but also offers offline tools such as memory/cpu/folder monitoring. It features a slick, customizable user interface and supports hundreds of available widgets (called

iespell screenshot


IESpell is an Internet Explorer extension that can perform spelling checks on all text inside Internet Explorer user-input forms. Although it runs locally on your hard drive and can be used offline, it can provide instant, context-menu based word/reference lookups from online resources. Do you create a lot of text/content straight from the browser: do



uBrowser is an open source, multiplatform experimental browser that renders web pages into 3D geometrical objects. It was designed primarily to integrate web content into a 3D virtual world called Second Life. If you like this site then you’l love Freewaregenius rendered into a 3D cube (see screenshot) ;). Ubrowser is capable of opening almost

WinsockXP Fix

WinsockXP is a little program that can restore internet and network connectivity in the event that it is lost due to the corruption of registry keys. It does this by restoring the TCP, Winsock, and Hosts file to their default, working settings/values. Yesterday, it happened. I was installing new software that I was testing out


URL Snooper

URL Snooper can identify URLs that are hidden behind javascript or activex scripts. It can be used to identify the URLs for streaming video and audio files so they can be downloaded locally. URL Snooper is a so-called packing sniffing program. You need to tell it to start ’sniffing’ the network before you launch the

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BugMeNot is a web service that can provide temporary logins and passwords to websites/forums that require compulsory registration and/or collection of personal information before accessing their content. Before you go out and create a temporary email in order to register with a website that you are trying to access, try BugMeNot. It is truly surprising

Evernote Screenshot


Evernote allows you to create, edit, and categorize notes that you can type in or clip off of web pages (including text, images, formatting, and link). It also allows you to view and edit these offline. Ever since I started Freewaregenius I have had to do a lot of research about a wide variety of


Gmail Drive Shell Extension

Gmail Drive Shell Extension creates a virtual hard drive on your computer that uses your gmail account to store files and folders Very simply, this program creates a hard drive icon in “My Computer” that you can use to store files and folders that (behind the scenes) are actually uploaded as emails into your gmail


Favorites Plus

Favorites Plus is a program that can convert your Internet Explorer favorites into an html web page categorized according to your IE favorites folder structure. It can do this for all your bookmarks or a subset that you select. It can also set the resulting html page as your IE home page. Useful things, bookmarks,



This program is discontinued. It is outdated and we have no download links for it on this page. Sorry. The text below is a review of URLMenu as it once was. URLMenu is a bookmark launcher that resides in the system tray. It works with Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape bookmarks. This program is somewhat dated,


Google Notebook

Google Notebook is a web app for creating and categorizing notes, either through clipping them off the web or typing them in. These notes are saved online within your personal Google account. There are many excellent hierarchial-notes outliner programs out there that are free; however, if you do a lot of research on the web