How to broadcast your Google Reader ‘starred items’ to an RSS feed or widget on your blog

’Starred Items’ are a feature of Gmail and Google Reader designed to give you quick access to these items. What you might not know, however, is that it is possible to broadcast your Google Reader starred items into their own RSS feed that you can share with friends or display locally on your desktop, or


Download mp3s and automatically add them to Itunes with Tunestor

Tunestor is an extension for IE and Firefox that allows for downloading MP3s and adding them to your Itunes library in one fell swoop from the browser context menu. This browser extension aims to condense what would typically involve 4 different steps into a single, simple right-click command. While normally you would need to (1)


Retrieve a list of the last internet searches performed on a PC using “My Last Search”

Freeware “My Last Search” reveals searches performed on the major internet major search engines for both IE and Firefox. If you’ve ever needed to recall searches performed on your PC (“now let’s see… what was that fantastic free program I was looking for the other day I can’t seem to remember!” or “what was I



Shup is a small memory resident app that can upload files to Stashbox. It can also instantly upload images (or other types of files) to several online storage services straight from Windows’ right-click context menu (Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, Stashbox, Waffle Images , or even a custom file hosting service). The tool also performs several other


Find As You Type

“Find As You Type” is an add-on for Internet Explorer which installs a search box on the IE toolbar that will interactively find and highlight the first instance of the search string as you type it. It also makes it easy to scroll through instances of the search string in the page, and adds the


How to quickly ‘un-frame’ a site in Internet Explorer

Have you ever been surfing the net with IE and ended up on a page that is stuck in a frame from another site? Typically in these instances the URL being shown is that of the framing website, with a frames scrollbar surrounding the page whose content you are viewing (which is actually the page



CachePal is an Internet Explorer extension that provides single-click deletion of your internet browsing history, temporary internet files, and cookies straight from the Internet Explorer toolbar. We were recently using a website optimization tool at work that required all cookies to be deleted every time we wanted to make a change to the page or

Use Google Toolbar to Spell check web forms and translate web pages

Use Google Toolbar to Spell check web forms and translate web pages. Google Toolbar is one of those must-have free programs that I always have on my list to install on a new machine. I hadn’t noticed some of the language-related functions that they’ve added to it until recently, and wanted to quickly write about


Homepage Startup

Homepage Startup is a web service that consists of a page of thumbnailed website links intended to be used as a home page. Users can define the URLs they would like on their page and arrange their positions at will by simply dragging them. A couple of months ago I put together my own browser


Civil Netizen

Civil Netizen is a P2P file sharing platform that can be used to share large files up to 4 Gigabytes in size privately with friends. It does not host your file or upload it on your server, but allows you to share files straight from your hard drive using your and your friends’ bandwidth for



Quickeo provides a simple and easy way to share your media files (images, audio, or video) with multiple people by email or on a website/blog. It consists of a local client that you can use to upload files of any size to your account up to a maximum of 1 gig of total storage capacity. Quickeo



MappedUp takes the form of a free Screensaver, active desktop, or website widget that displays items from RSS news feeds overlayed geographically on a world map in real time. The news items are shown as either clickable bubbles or little dots that light up on the map itself and display a tooltip/popup window when moused over