Send emails into the future with Time Machiner

Time Machiner is a web service that can be used to send emails to anyone on a future date, useful as reminders to yourself or others about future appointment or pre-scheduled birthday/anniversary congratulation notes, and so on. I don’t know how many have calendar/reminder programs, but I am willing to bet that the number is


Find the nearest free wireless internet spot with Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder is a web service that can give you a list of free wireless internet locations for any address of your choosing and present these locations visually on a map of the area. If, say, you’re going to a conference, going to visit relatives, or for whatever reason will be in an


Mikogo: Share your screen and/or access a PC remotely

Mikogo is a free, browser-based screen sharing and remote computer access platform for Windows. It allows you to create virtual meetings/webinars where any of the participant’s screens can be shared, to define which applications can or cannot be accessed remotely, and to instantly share files with participants, all without the need to configure firewalls, ports,


AnyClient is a no-install, web-based FTP client (that can also be installed locally)

AnyClient is a free file transfer client that is available both as a web service that can be accessed from any internet enabled computer and as a standalone program you can install locally on your machine. Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV. I must admit that the idea of an FTP client as a web


Surf the internet anonymously with Vidalia

Vidalia is a GUI for Tor, the free onion-router implementation that can provide anonymous internet communication. This program resides in the system tray and provides quick, 1-click anonymous internet access. It allows you to start and stop Tor, view it’s status and bandwidth usage, and even setup your own Tor server if you want that


Add a slew of useful functions to Internet Explorer with ALToolbar

ALToolbar is a free Internet Explorer toolbar that offers a number of very useful functions straight from the browser, including an internet cleaner, advanced find, automatic site login with online password storage, online bookmark management , screenshot capture for websites, quick access to multiple search engines, a flash ad blocker, control by mouse gestures, and


Collect and Share videos from the desktop with uvLayer

uvLayer is an Adobe Air application that allows you to watch, collect, and share videos from a cool desktop-based interface. It can also log into your Facebook account and allow you to share videos with your Facebook friends simply by dragging and dropping them on your friends’ icons. If you are serious about collecting videos,


Manage your account locally with Netlicious

Netlicious is a desktop client that can manage your del.ici.ous account. It offers a number of useful features including a built-in browser, quick posts and tag editing, exporting your bookmarks to HTML/XML, a search box, the ability to add URLs from the browser, and others., if you just landed from another planet, is a


FeedCrier delivers RSS updates to your IM client in real time

FeedCrier is a free web service that delivers RSS feeds into your IM client and works with AIM, MSN, and Jabber/GTalk. It can also provide a widget for your website that your readers can use to quickly subscribe to your site’s RSS feed and have it delivered into their IM clients. If (a) you use


Right-click to upload images to Flickr with “Sendto Flickr”

“Sendto Flickr” is a free Windows explorer extension that allows you to upload images to Flickr through the right-click “send-to” menu. If you’re a Flickr user you might already know that there are a number of desktop-based programs that can be used to upload photos to the photo sharing site; “Sendto Flickr” is another uploading


Desktop Sidebar: access the information you need straight from your desktop

Desktop Sidebar is a Vista-style sidebar widgets engine with minimal system resource consumption. It supports a wide range of applets/widgets that can give you access to a wide variety of information from your PC or from the internet straight on your desktop. Works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. There are a number of


Filter your RSS feeds, blend them into one, or convert them to email messages

this posting will cover three online services that provide solutions for common RSS issues, namely: filtering you RSS feeds by user-defined keyword(s), consolidating multiple feeds into one, and converting RSS feeds into email updates. is a web service that can filter your RSS feeds based on keywords that you specify. Needless to say this