TubeMaster Plus: download any media file from (almost) any site

TubeMaster Plus is a free tool that can download streaming video and audio files from almost any media sharing site, including sites with anti-leeching protection. TubeMaster Plus also can convert downloaded videos to several formats, offers a video search function across multiple video sources, and offers a downloadble audio mp3 search function. [Review Updated July


Interclue: get instant link previews in Firefox

Interclue is a free Firefox extension that displays information whenever you hover on a link in Firefox, including a visual preview of what the linked page contains, extra information and action buttons, and warnings about dead links, malware, and/or phishing sites. First off let me admit that initially I wasn’t sold on the idea of


Can You Run It?: free online resource can tell you if your PC will run the games you want

“Can You Run It?” from system requirements lab is a free web service that compares your PC specs against a large, constantly updated database of games and can tell you whether your computer is  sufficient to run any game that you are interested in. It can also give you a breakdown of individual components and


How to surf sites that are blocked by your ISP or a company firewall

This posting will present a number of free options that can provide access and/or allow surfing of sites that are blocked by a corporate firewall or by your Internet Service Provider. Options presented are (1) using a proxy service site, (2) Web2mail (3) getting internet from your home machine via VPN, (4) using an internet


Favthumbs: browse bookmarks as thumbnails or 3D thumbnail carousel

Favthumbs is a web service that can show bookmarks from any public account as thumbnails or iTunes-style carousel display. If you use or if you like to browse other people’s public bookmarks on, Favthumbs can make browsing these a much more enjoyable experience. What it does is scan and capture bookmarks


Click&Clean: clean your system with 1-click using this CCleaner addon

Click&Clean is a free tool that works alongside CCleaner to provide 1-click hard drive and browser cleanup from within Internet Explorer, Firefox, or the desktop Quick Launch bar. It can perform an instant, complete uninterrupted cleanup with CCleaner without exiting the browser or dealing with prompts and dilags. If you use CCleaner to clean your


CookiePie: launch multiple Gmail accounts (or any other web service) simultaneously in Firefox

CookiePie is an open source plugin for Firefox and other browsers that allows the user to open multiple accounts for services such as Gmail, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, or others in different tabs or browser windows simultaneously. It can also be used by developers who want to work with different versions of web pages with


HP Smart Web Printing: clip, aggregate and print web content with ease

HP Smart Web Printing is a free browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox designed to enhance the process of printing webpages or (parts of webpages) from the browser. It allows you to “clip” elements of web pages, aggregate them, re-size and re-arrange them on a preview page before printing or saving them as a


EditURLS: manage IE’s list of autocomplete URLs in the address box

EditURLs is a small program that works with Internet Explorer and allows you to edit and save the dropdown list of URLs that Internet Explorer uses in the address box for URLs that are typed in manually. I occasionally have the opportunity to observe how people use their browsers at work, and one function that


Deluge: get a powerful yet user friendly Torrent client

Deluge is a full-featured open source bittorrent client that runs on multiple platforms. It is designed to be low on system resources utilization while providing powerful features and a user friendly experience. I am not sure why, but I’ve been always looking for a good alternative to Azureus or µTorrent, admittedly the two most powerful


Retrieve previously opened tabs in IE7 with “IE Open Last Closed Tab”

“IE Open Last Closed Tab” is a free Internet Explorer extension that can retrieve and launch previously visited URLs. On pressing a hotkey it displays a page of thumbnails representing previously viewed URLs that can be used to quickly access any of these sties. I was doing some freeware research the other day and had


Use text aliases to access your favorite sites with IE Alias

IE Alias is an free extension for Internet Explorer that allows you to type in a user defined text shortcut in IE’s address box in order to launch your favorite site or sites. Imagine being able to, say, type in FWG in Internet Explorer’s address box in order to launch the Freewaregenius site, without having