The Favorite Start Page: build a dynamic, portable start page from your browser bookmarks

The Favorite Start Page is a free software that takes your existing browser bookmarks and creates a “home page” that visually represents them inside expandable “boxes. It supports dragging and dropping to move/organize your bookmarks, and provides a search box to help find your bookmarks quickly and easily. Ever wanted to build a big start


Evri Toolbar: add in-text related information and media to your browsing experience

Evri is a service that indexes the web and delivers a different kind of search based on discovering relationships between entities. The Evri toolbar brings an Evri search box in your browser toolbars area. It also introduces Evri term highlighting, which enables you to hover over a highlighted term in your browser and get a


IE7Pro: a Swiss Army Knife of add-ons for Internet Explorer

IE7Pro is a free add-on for Internet Explorer that introduces a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE experience more useful. IE7Pro includes tabbed browsing management, spell check, inline search, super drag and drop, crash recovery, a proxy switcher, mouse gestures, a history browser, a web accelerator, and a number of other useful

LinkExtend: Firefox plugin puts a wide range of website-related info at your fingertips

LinkExtend is a free Firefox plugin that brings together a wide range of website-related informational services and puts them at your fingertips, as a toolbar on your browser, in the browser’s context menu, and in your Google or Yahoo search results. Available resources include website safety information, site traffic, ratings, and demographics; general site information


“Email This”: a bookmarklet that can email any page from any browser

Email This from Clickability is a free bookmarklet that resides on your browser toolbar and can quickly email any web page that you are browsing to yourself or friends. It supports most browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera, and AOL. Have you ever read a really good posting or news story that you wanted to share with


Vertor: a site for “verified” torrents

Vertor is a torrent listings site with a simple premise: only display torrents that are checked to be free of viruses and malware and have been verified to contain the content that they claim. Offers media “previews” on the site such as 20-seconds snippets from audio files and thumbnails from videos. The concept for this


Freezer: download MP3s from Imeem, Deezer, Jiwa.Fm; possibly others

Freezer is a free, portable program that can download mp3s from some song sharing sites that such as Imeem, Deezer or that use anti-leeching protection to prevent song downloading. If you are familiar with the music sharing sites mentioned above you’re probably thinking that Freezer is very good news indeed. This program was apparently


Five excellent Internet Explorer extensions which you never knew existed

In this posting I am going to highlight five FREE excellent Internet Explorer extensions that you never knew existed: (1) RCGoogle, (2) IECopySelectedLinks, (3) Find as you type, (4) Favorites Search, and (5) Web Archives Viewer. Internet Explorer may not have the breadth of plugins that exist for Firefox, but it does have many extensions


IESessions: save and retrieve your sessions on Internet Explorer

IESessions is a free Internet Explorer extension that enables the quick saving of your IE internet sessions (URLs from all tabs and windows that are open). Sessions can be saved locally, exported to a file for use on other computers or otherwise uploaded to the Amazon S3 storage service. Have you ever been, say, working


Ammyy Admin: quick remote PC access with nothing to install, configure, or register

Ammyy Admin is a free remote computer access tool that offers quick, easy, and reliable connections with nothing to install, no accounts to sign up for, and no technical configuration or messing with IP addresses and routers. It offers file transfers and desktop sharing, and can be used to connect with unattended machines. I’ve written


Tidy Favorites: thumbnail-based bookmark management

Tidy Favorites is a free extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox that allows users to manage bookmarks visually as thumbnails that can be dragged and resized on a workspace, similar to icons on a desktop. It offers the ability to organize favorites within combination of tabs and folders, and provides a “drop stack” for quick,


Split Browser: split your Firefox window into multiple browsers

Split Browser is a Firefox plugin that can”split” your browser into multiple panels, enabling you to view multiple web pages simultaneously in the same Firefox window. It is useful in situations where you would like to be able to surf the internet using a part of the screen while maintaining another site, web mail service,