Find out if your ISP is limiting or shaping your traffic, with Glasnost

How would you know if your ISP is limiting your download speed, blocking certain traffic, such as Torrent, Usenet, or other traffic, or generally engaging in what is called ‘traffic shaping’? The answer: Glasnost, not the Russian kind, but rather a project of the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems which provides a range of

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Three FREE alternatives to ‘Google Alerts’

Imagine if you got an email every time the name of your business, brand, your own name, or a keyword or phrase you were interested in were mentioned on the internet, and you have a pretty good idea what an email alert is. While Google has not discontinued ‘Google Alerts’ yet, there is a lot

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Secure your online identity and personal info, with OneID

Do you worry about the security of our online information online? If so, you might want to take check out OneID is a new concept in the realm of online security that offers a trifecta of protection in a way nothing else does, requiring you to get your computer, your mobile device, and your cloud

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‘Listen’ to print articles and RSS feeds on-the-go as MP3 podcasts, with SoundGecko

Do you like reading articles but just don’t have the time? Would it be more convenient to LISTEN to the many articles you want to read as podcasts on your daily commute? That’s where modern technology comes in to bring us programs like SoundGecko. No, it’s not a program to insure your MP3 files, it’s

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Genieo: combine a startup page with a content recommendation engine

Imagine if someone was peering over your shoulder, looking at the kinds of websites that you frequent, and then presenting you with more of the same or related content that they think you would like. Would that be the best thing ever?, or the worst? Depending on how you answer that, you may really like

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Secure your WIFI connection wherever you are, with ‘WIFI Protector’

Do you worry that your WIFI borne personal information will be intercepted? Are you concerned with the security of unsecured WIFI networks that you use at coffee shops and other ‘public’ venues? If so, WIFI Protector may be the answer to your paranoia prompted prayer for protection. It provides encryption for all the data you


Create a WIFI hotspot from a WIFI-enabled PC, with Winhotspot

If you have a single PC with WIFI access and you would like to use that connection to broadcast A WIFI signal to other devices then read on: Winhotspot is one of the simplest FREE virtual WIFI programs available, and possibly the easiest to use. Windows 7 (and above) supports the broadcasting of a WIFI


Clean up your browser and your PC with ‘Click and Clean’ for Chrome and Firefox

Are you sick of cleaning up the various leftover bits and bytes on your system manually? Click and Clean is a handy FREE Chrome and Firefox extension that help you to get rid of all the garbage on your system: your history trail, caches, cookies and whatnot with very little effort or time spent on

ABP remove in app ads

Adblock Plus for Android prevents in-app ads from showing

What if I told you that you could prevent in-app ads from showing on most Android apps, as well as ads in on-device internet browsers. What if you could do so by simply installing an app, and that you could install this app on any normal, non-rooted Android. Adblock Plus is the free Android app


Track your time spent online with Timestats for Chrome

Do you spend too much time online? Or just Just the right amount, perhaps? If you’re looking for that Goldilocks factor in your online usage, Timestats might be just the thing you are looking for. Timestats is a Chrome extension that will keep track of your time spent online and help you manage it better

Toolbar Cleaner

Remove unwanted browser toolbars and BHO’s in one fell swoop, with Toolbar Cleaner

I have an older brother who is not very adept with technology, and every time I need to use his computer I am surprised just how many toolbars and custom search providers have found their way onto his PC; I am further surprised by how labor intensive it is to clean that stuff out. And

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Take archival snapshots in time of any web page, with

Ever wished you could take archival snapshots of a website, such that you could always refer to and see the exact content of the page at that particular moment in time, no matter how it may be changed later on? (Could be useful if browsing the site of a particular Republican candidate for president). If