Firefox social features

Facebook built into the new version of Firefox

Do you use Firefox? Do you use Facebook? Then there’s good news for you! As of version 17 Firefox now comes with “Social API” which will make it possible for social network features to be accessed straight from Firefox. Right now it only does Facebook but should eventually include most other major social sites such

Stream live audio or webcam video feeds for free with BrainRepublic

Ever wanted to stream your own live show?, or broadcast a live audio or video webcam event to a group of collaborators, colleagues, students, fans, etc? Ever wished there was an easy way to log in and just go live, for free, with the simplicity of pressing a button? Well guess what; there is, and


Collaborate on projects and keep documents and code in sync with QikPad

Working together with someone else can be rewarding, certainly, but it can also have its challenges, especially in the modern world where we don’t all live next door to each other. QikPad is a handy online program that will let you collaborate on projects, letters, code, and anything else you can work with through text,


Chat and collaborate on projects with Brosix Personal, a secure, private, encrypted IM client

Brosix Personal IM is a free private and instant messaging system. It is easy to use and has many of the features and bells and whistles you would expect from most modern Instant Messaging services and a few more, such as a whiteboard, secure file sharing, and desktop sharing. Most importantly, Brosix is secure, encrypted


Supercharge your web cam with SplitCam: add effects, broadcast to IM services, use with multiple programs at once, etc.

SplitCam is a free the program that not only allows you to split the output of your web cam but also allows you to do that nearly anything else you can think of with your web cam, such as adding effects to live video, using your webcam with more than one application at once, and


Put Facebook notifications, chat and messaging on your desktop with “Facebook Messenger”

“Facebook is increasingly becoming the foremost chatting and messaging service for many of it’s users. And although I am by no means a heavy Facebook user, I frequently find myself logging in just to check messages and request from contacts (whatever happened to email, folks?). If this sounds familiar to you, and especially if you


Host, chat, and record live video events on Vokle, a free program for next-gen conferencing.

Vokle is a great new free program (in Beta at the time of this article) that allows you and others to connect through video conference. It offers added structure and features you may not find anywhere else for free.There’s no shortage of programs and web sites that will allow you to video chat with multiple


Converse about any topic with people from around the world at LetsTalkAbout is a fairly new website that lets you begin or participate in conversations on any topic with people you invite or even random strangers. The conversations are in real-time chat, as opposed to the slower method of posting content the way some other sites, like Subjot, do. You can attach a URL to your

desktop monitor

Video chat with multiple people at once with ooVoo, a multi-platform text and video chat client

ooVoo is an instant messaging, chat, and video conferencing solution with a ton of great features, at no cost.  While there are lots of messaging programs out there, and no shortage of new contenders for the heavyweight title of ‘Best Multi-Messaging Program”, ooVoo wants to be the ultimate comprehensive package to stay in touch with


Handcent SMS – A free, powerful SMS and MMS customization app for Android

Handcent SMS is a free, powerful tool for customizing your texting experience on your Android phone. It features a very robust system of customizing everything involved with texting and multi-media messaging as well. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and takes up very little space on your device. Android phones (and iPhones of course)


Blip.Me turns your Smartphone into a walkie-talkie for free! is a fun and free way to turn your Android or iOS device into a virtual walkie-talkie. You can send voice messages with it, even to people who don’t have an Android or iPhone, and even to people that don’t have the app. It also allows you to send voice messages using your data