Three star gazing apps

Leave the X-Wing in the Garage. Use your iPad to Explore the Galaxy: Three Free Star Gazing Apps Reviewed

If you’re like me, a not too serious star gazer with an iPad, you may appreciate an app that helps you navigate the night sky. From the DOS days forward there have been many computer programs that show you the universe, or a specific chunk of it. But unless you want to hold up your

Geo-tag your images and locate them on a map with open source software GeoTag

You may not realize it, but the pictures that you take with your GPS-enabled camera or smartphone (such as your iPhone), and many of the images that you download from the internet contain location information that identify precisely where the snapshots were taken (typically, in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates). This means that


Freeware to Get Started With GIS And Explore Mapped Data

As the Web and the world have become increasingly data-driven, GIS is just another tool to process that data. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, a system which manages spatially-aware data. GIS is a booming sector even though it’s been around for a while and makes for a great direction to steer your career. Data can be

uMap: visualize your uTorrent downloads on a Google map of the world

Have you ever wondered where in the world (literally) your torrent downloads are coming from? Whether you are downloading from people in adjacent states or countries or whether your file is being delivered from across the globe? If you use uTorrent (and by all means you should be), you could use an add-on (or “App”,

FlashEarth Screenshot


Flashearth is a web application that displays interactive satellite images and maps from a number of different online mapping sources, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, NASA, and others (without official consent). I always get philosophical whenever I play around with online mapping/satellite imaging services. I always think “wow, look at how far humanity has come even