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Mount an FTP server as a local drive (part 2): ‘SFTP Net Drive Free’

If you would like to map an FTP or SFTP server as a local drive, we’ve got great news: SFTP NET Drive Free is free software that can map an FTP/SFTP server to a local drive letter which can be accessed just like a normal Windows drive. ‘SFTP Net Drive Free’ will install drivers on


Three great solutions to collaborate online: Dropmark, Online Support Tools, and Fullsync

We keep saying things like, “The world is smaller now,” and “The shortest distance between two places is now a byte’” and when it comes to business these days we are just as likely to be working with someone two states or continents away as we are someone two blocks away. In this post we

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Use an FTP folder as your very own, Dropbox-like backup service with FTPBox

Do you have access to FTP storage? Most hosted website come with many gigabytes of free space that stay mostly unused forever, that could easily be utilized for backup purposes. Even if you do not have access to an FTP server, you could sign up for many free or very cheap hosting plans that provide

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Manage multiple online storage accounts from one place with Otixo

Do you have files on multiple cloud storage accounts (e.g. multiple Dropbox accounts, Box.net, Google Documents, Picasa, even FTP and others) that you would like to manage from a single interface? If so, this service is for you. Otixo is a free online service that will connect with multiple cloud storage accounts and present them


Cyberduck: an all-in-one desktop client for FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Cloud Storage, and Google Docs

FTP has been impressively resilient as a file storage protocol, but these are the days where files are literally everywhere, in cloud storage, Google docs, and the like. Enter Cyberduck: a free, open source desktop client that can access your FTP, WebDAV, and cloud storage accounts from a single, nicely designed application. It can access



RightLoad adds an entry to your explorer context menu that can be used to quickly upload files to your ftp server (or servers) straight from Windows explorer. It will also automatically generate a list links to the uploaded files that can be easily copied into your post or website. I upload a lot of images,



NetDrive allows you to map a drive on a Windows, Novell, or Linux server via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV or iFolder so that it shows up as a regular drive in explorer and behaves very much as a local drive would in the Windows file system. You can map multiple servers to multiple drives and assign