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Create beautiful carousel slideshows with WOW Slider Free edition

WOW Slider is a free program that makes sliders or carousels for your non-commercial website. It features multiple templates, a simple point and click interface, and even a WordPress plugin. Available for Windows and for Mac, WOW Slider is one of the best ways to create great visuals for your personal web pages at no

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Get a better ‘New Tab’ page in Chrome with Speed Dial’s wall-to-wall thumbnail bookmarks

If you’ve been using Chrome for a while you may have grown fond of the ‘New Tab’ page, which displays frequently visited sites as thumbnails. But if you’ve wished that you could push the New Tab page a little further then check out this Chrome extension. Speed Dial lets you: add more than 8 websites

Convert Bookmarklet to Chrome Extension Screenshot

How to convert a JavaScript bookmarklet into a Chrome extension

If you use Chrome you know that extensions are laid out neatly to the right of the address bar. One thing about having all of your extensions accessible via small icons that are grouped together in the same place is that it makes sense from both a user experience and organizational standpoints. However, you may

Declutter Chrome toolbar screenshot2

How to declutter your Chrome toolbar without removing any extensions

If you use Chrome and have installed a large number of extensions, then you already know that the chrome toolbar can get congested with numerous extension icons that can even crowd out the address bar itself. If you want an easy way to get your toolbar cleaned up and organized, that can move unused extensions

market-to screenshot

Annotate and share the web with, a “yellow highlighter pen for the web”

Imagine that you just read something on a webpage that you like and that you would like to highlight and keep, or even share with others. With you could simply highlight the content on the page in bright fluorescent yellow, as you would a real marker, and get a shortened URL when you are


Chrome Remote Desktop provides free remote screen sharing from within Chrome

Have you ever had a friend call you up and ask for help with something on their computer? Many of us have, at one point or another, struggled with the process of trying to lead a friend (or even a customer) through the steps of troubleshooting a program or other issue on their system, when


Download files straight to Dropbox, Google Docs, and most cloud services with Cloud Save Chrome extension

More of us are increasingly opting to store our files in the cloud. This is not just to use our files on our home and our work computers, but increasingly to access our photos/videos/music and files on smartphones and tablets as well. And (let’s face it) one day most, if not all of our files

5 great free games at the Chrome store

Get these 5 great free games at the Chrome store

If you use Chrome, head out to the ‘Chrome App Store’ and get the following classic free games: (1) Angry Birds, (2) Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2, (3) Cargo Bridge, (4) Steambirds: Survival, (5) Canvas Rider There are tons of free games on the internet, of course, but if you do not want to waste time looking for them and


Read your favorite web sites from nearly any phone with

Do you love reading the latest articles on the web? Do you have a phone or other mobile device that can access the web but only in limited ways? is the answer to your dilemma! provides a very simple but very powerful service for free: It converts complex web pages that include flash

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Skip introductory video ad clips with AdBlock Video Firefox plugin

Everyone is familiar with the ad clips that are a mainstay of video/news services such as Hulu or NBC, that are shown before the actual programming. Typically 20 or 30 seconds in duration, these are no major nuisance in small doses; except with more and more people increasingly consuming TV programming, news and video on


Minus: share large files and photos with this stylish cloud hosting app

If I’ve seen one file sharing web service in the past few months I’ve seen a about twenty. But this one stands out from the pack in several respects; most notably its (ad-free) stylishness and support for multiple platforms and devices. Minus is a file hosting service that will let you upload and share large


Lazarus form recovery: never lose any text or comment typed into an online form again

Ever spent a long time typing in a review or a comment or filling out a long form on a website, only to lose your text unexpectedly when you encounter an error or accidentally move off the page?. If so, this software can help. Lazarus is a free browser extension (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari) that