Download torrents without a torrent client (or when torrent traffic is blocked) – with BitLet

There are times when downloading torrents using a torrent client is simply not possible, such as when using a PC where you cannot or do not want to install a local torrent client, or if downloading from networks where torrent traffic is blocked (say by your ISP or network admin), just to name a few


Four FREE apps that can transform how you read the news

With the explosion of information and news sources that is the hallmark of the internet, application developers are coming up with creative ways to browse and read the news, adding functions such as customization, Geo-mapping, and social sharing and discovery to your reading experience, just to name a few. Moreover, if you subscribe to RSS


Save interesting articles for later reading on your PC, iOS, or Android device, with ‘Pocket’

If I told you that ‘Pocket’ is the bookmarking service ‘Read it Later’, relabeled and relaunched, would you lose interest in this article? You shouldn’t, because with Pocket not only are the articles that you save bookmarked in the cloud in ‘Read it Later’ or ‘Instapaper’ fashion, but also downloaded in their entirety on your

Chrome Paintings feature2

Three Chrome extensions that can make your cyberlife easier

There are tons and tons of Chrome extensions available to do nearly anything you can think of within your browser. The problem is that this can be overwhelming and make it difficult to find out about the ones that are the most useful to you. With that in mind, I have put together a short

Pixable Screenshot

View photos from Facebook as magazine-style galleries with Pixable

Everyone likes photoblogs, right? But consider this: what if you took the photography from Facebook and other photo sharing sites and, with the click of a button, laid them out on a single page, magazine style, for quick, at-a-glance perusal? That, in a nutshell, is what free web service Pixable does – and does it


Read RSS feeds right on the Chrome toolbar with RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader is just what it sounds like, a free Chrome extension that will allow you to manage and read your RSS and Atom feed subscriptions. It offers an at-a-glance overview of your RSS subscriptions and news articles right from the Google Chrome toolbar. There are numerous of programs out there for reading and

CloudMagic Screenshot

Search all your online services at once with CloudMagic

CloudMagic is a free program and web site that allows you to connect your various services like Gmail and Twitter, and search for anything you need. It searches all the services you have registered, at one time, and it does it so fast you really will believe it is magic. CloudMagic is available for both


View your favorite web sites in a ‘virtual newspaper’ style with Surfboard

Surfboard is a free website that takes your web viewing experience in new directions by giving you a more visual interface. By allowing you to view the web dynamically, Surfboard will bring more data to your personal off-ramp of the information superhighway, faster and easier. When the internet was taking its first toddler steps toward

Wow Slider Screenshot2

Create beautiful carousel slideshows with WOW Slider Free edition

WOW Slider is a free program that makes sliders or carousels for your non-commercial website. It features multiple templates, a simple point and click interface, and even a WordPress plugin. Available for Windows and for Mac, WOW Slider is one of the best ways to create great visuals for your personal web pages at no

Speed Dial Screenshot1

Get a better ‘New Tab’ page in Chrome with Speed Dial’s wall-to-wall thumbnail bookmarks

If you’ve been using Chrome for a while you may have grown fond of the ‘New Tab’ page, which displays frequently visited sites as thumbnails. But if you’ve wished that you could push the New Tab page a little further then check out this Chrome extension. Speed Dial lets you: add more than 8 websites

Convert Bookmarklet to Chrome Extension Screenshot

How to convert a JavaScript bookmarklet into a Chrome extension

If you use Chrome you know that extensions are laid out neatly to the right of the address bar. One thing about having all of your extensions accessible via small icons that are grouped together in the same place is that it makes sense from both a user experience and organizational standpoints. However, you may

Declutter Chrome toolbar screenshot2

How to declutter your Chrome toolbar without removing any extensions

If you use Chrome and have installed a large number of extensions, then you already know that the chrome toolbar can get congested with numerous extension icons that can even crowd out the address bar itself. If you want an easy way to get your toolbar cleaned up and organized, that can move unused extensions