Take a snapshot of any part of your screen, and send it instantly to friends or social sites with Kwout

Kwout is a free bookmarklet and Chrome or Firefox extension that allows you to ‘quote’ any part of your browser screen, and upload it to any of a number of social sites. It is super easy to install and use, and makes your social quips and posts more interesting, and quite possibly more understandable. Many


Organize and search the Internet at lightning speed with Yahoo! Axis

Yahoo! Axis is a new and slightly different way to search for anything you want on the Internet. It has features like instant results and image previews of those results, as well as a multitude of methods to access it. It is designed to “combine searching and browsing in one experience” and to “connect your


Enlarge thumbnails on mouse-over with Hover Zoom for Chrome

Hover Zoom is a free Chrome extension that displays the full, large image from a thumbnail on almost any web site just by hovering over it (see screenshot). It can be configured so that the image viewing behavior is always present on mouse-over, or activated via a keyboard/mouseover combination. It works with most sites such


Chrome app Msgboy embraces the web stream, breathes new life into RSS

Msgboy is an app for Google Chrome that mixes elements of Pinterest, RSS, and link aggregators like StumbleUpon in a very visual way. Once installed in your browser, the app looks at your bookmarks and sites you visit frequently. It then collects the feeds offered by those sites and builds them into one location you

Unfriend Finder Screenshot

Know who unfriended you on Facebook with Unfriend Finder

Have you ever looked at your friends list only to be horrified at some of the people (distant acquaintances, old coworkers that you never liked in the first place, or even people who you outright do not know) — that get to see your updates? Well, that’s precisely what the ‘unfriend’ function in Facebook is


Highlight specific content on a web page to share with others, with InFocus

Imagine that you found some great information on a website, that you wanted to share with others. Except that the information was buried deep inside the page, such that someone would have to scroll down and look for what you wanted them to see in order to actually see it. Surely, you might think, there

Little Alchemy: combine and discover new elements in this fascinating yet simple game

Little Alchemy is a fascinatingly complex, yet amazingly simple game that is available for free at the Chrome Web Store. It allows you to combine different elements, to see what kind of results are possible and accrue points by discovering new combinations. Little Alchemy is one of those enigmatic games that is deceptively simple but


How to enable or disable many hidden experimental features in Chrome

Chrome has many different options built in that could make your internet life easier, or at least more interesting. Examples of these include side tabs, preventing duplicate tabs from opening and re-focusing on the existing tab instead, different Google/Gmail profiles associated with different tabs, page pre-rendering for faster browsing, just to name a few. Enabling


Get your weather forecast displayed on a Google map with “Full Screen Weather” – in your browser or on Android/iOS

There is something that makes sense about seeing the weather forecast displayed on a big map, which may be related to the fact that we are all used to seeing forecasts superimposed on big maps on TV. In any case, Full Screen Weather is a free service that will display a detailed map with annotated

Featured WebGL

Ten ‘Chrome Experiments’ in WebGL that you MUST see

What are Chrome Experiments? Simply put, they are interesting bits of coding that use some of the latest open technologies (e.g. HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and especially WebGL) in a browser setting (not necessarily Chrome). The Google Chrome connection comes from the fact that Google have set up a website to showcase these coding ‘experiments’. This


The easiest way to download YouTube videos: add ‘pwn’ to the URL

Imagine the scene: You’re visiting family and watching YouTube videos (naturally- isn’t this what all families do?) and your mother/brother/father wants to download the video. What to do? Do you hunt around the internet for a YouTube downloader type software? Do you start trying to remember the name of an online service that can do