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Get automatic alerts whenever your chosen topic is Tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, etc … with Mention

Mention is a neat little service that will track any mentions of you, your brand, or your favorite topics across the internet, including Tweets, Facebook mentions, blog posts, etc. The free plan provides 1000 mentions a month, and the results might surprise or entertain you. Who doesn’t want to know when others are talking about


Add file type icons to Gmail attachments with ‘Attachment Icons for Gmail’ Chrome extension

When you receive an email with attachment in Gmail, it shows a paperclip icon by default. Wouldn’t it be great if you can find out what type of attachment it is at a glance? With Attachment Icons for Gmail, you can. Attachment Icons for Gmail is a free Chrome extension that replaces the default paper


Remove clutter from web pages and make them easy to read with Clearly for Chrome

The internet is choc full of great content, but it also has a knack of bombarding you with all sorts of visual stimulation, from links to ads to buttons, videos, images, and everything else. If you’ve ever wished that you could clean up a page and just focus on the content then check out Clearly,


Lookup the meaning of words on webpages instantly with Multiple Dictionary Lookup for Firefox

If you’ve ever needed to lookup the meaning of a word on a webpage, we’ve got good news: ‘Multiple Dictionary Lookup’ can make this as easy as right clicking the word in Firefox. What’s even better, it gives you multiple dictionary options to choose from. As the name suggests, the add-on allow users to search

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Share bookmark lists and save webpages offline, with Blinklist

Blinklist is a great free way to save webpages offline for later reading and to share them with others. You can save pages into lists and access them on your own unique webpage from any internet capable computer or device. There are more ways to organize Internet bookmarks than there are fish in the sea,


Brick Force – Is Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming dying or is it just evolving?

Massive Multiplayer Online Games, also called MMOs, have been around for some time now and it has been stated by some supposed experts that they are on the way out the door. The Internet community in general and the more than two billion people who play them tend to argue differently, however. One game that


Build and publish non-CMS based web pages fast, free and easy with Buildor Lite

Buildor Lite is a convenient, totally browser based online WYSIWYG web page editor. It costs nothing to use the lite edition and it will offer you a number of basic but powerful options for your non-CMS web site. In 2010 there were more web pages available than there were people in the USA. This doesn’t


Three great solutions to collaborate online: Dropmark, Online Support Tools, and Fullsync

We keep saying things like, “The world is smaller now,” and “The shortest distance between two places is now a byte’” and when it comes to business these days we are just as likely to be working with someone two states or continents away as we are someone two blocks away. In this post we


Two FREE URL history tools for Chrome

With all the browsing we do it’s often almost impossible to hunt down and discover one single site that was visited, say, three weeks ago. While it may not actually be impossible in the literal sense of the term, it certainly can be frustrating and time consuming to the point where it’s not worth the


Two great “Free Speech” tools for Chrome

In honor of July fourth, and because I write about my experiences and opinions, I thought a couple of free speech extensions would be appropriate for this post. Chrome Speak and Speak to Search are two great tools for Chrome that can make your browsing life easier and free up your eyes and hands when


Two great FREE ways to enhance your YouTube browsing

YouTube Preview and ViewTubeare two great, free Chrome extensions that will enhance your YouTube browsing and viewing experience. They are both must haves for anyone who spends even a moderate amount of time viewing or exploring YouTube videos. I admit it: I do a lot of watching online videos. I don’t get out of the


Engage in epic sci-fi battles online with other players, in AirMech

AirMech is a great browser based real time strategy game that combines elements of shooters and action games, bringing a new hybrid genre to light. It’s free to play and download from the Chrome Web Store, and it even has multiplayer options! I like games (and other programs) that push the limits of any boundary.