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Three awesome Chrome extensions for YouTube

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, which is why there is a wide range of add-ons and third party extensions that extend its functionality. This post will present three of the most useful new Chrome extensions for YouTube that we’ve found. Seevl is a music manager for YouTube that adds


Check spelling AND grammar both, with Ginger

Chrome’s built in spell checker works ok insofar as that goes (except on those occasions when it fails to kick in), but what about when you want to check for both spelling and grammar? In this case, what you need is Ginger, which checks both, and whose developers claim is more accurate and corrects up


Drag & Drop Search: an INNOVATIVE extension that will transform the way you search in Chrome

If you’ve ever right clicked a word or phrase in Chrome, selected ‘Search Google for’ and thought it was a nice, useful way to quickly search Google, then read on; because ‘Drag & Drop Search’ modifies that simple idea to make it an order of magnitude more useful, and to make numerous search services available


Ten amazing Chrome plugins for Gmail

You can love Google or hate it, but the truth is that both Gmail and Chrome are terrific products, and possibly the best in their respective fields. This post presents TEN extensions for Chrome that make Gmail even better, and add novel and practical functions that Gmail’s creator’s never thought of! The plugins are: Gmail


Add your social feeds to your email signature, with WiseStamp

Having an active social media presence can play an important role in promoting yourself or your brand, blog or website, etc. This is because the more you can broadcast your social media presence, the more you can get your message out or reach out to collaborators or customers. One way to increase your social media

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Block ads and prevent websites from tracking your online activity, with DoNotTrackPlus

It’s not a secret, and hardly controversial, but no sooner than you visit a webpage than it instantly starts collecting information on your behavior and demographics (e.g. location), and trying to infer your interests. If you want to block this activity, or if you merely want to know which scripts or services are tracking you, then Do Not Track Plus, a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari, is for you.


Backup your browser easily with BrowserBackup Pro for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Chromium

There is is so much information that our browsers hold, that if the system crashes or if we reinstall or upgrade to a new OS or PC, we stand to be greatly inconvenienced if we lose them. I am not just talking about saved passwords, bookmarks, mail and contacts, but even speed-dial, notes, skins, sessions,


Navigate browser tabs visually with ‘Visual Tabs’ for Chrome

In today’s world, having numerous open tabs in your browser is the norm rather than the exception. Which is why visually-inclined Chrome users might want to view tab previews using an iTunes coverflow-style carousel. If that sounds good to you then check out the Visual Tabs extension for Google Chrome. To get started, go to

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Get automatic alerts whenever your chosen topic is Tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, etc … with Mention

Mention is a neat little service that will track any mentions of you, your brand, or your favorite topics across the internet, including Tweets, Facebook mentions, blog posts, etc. The free plan provides 1000 mentions a month, and the results might surprise or entertain you. Who doesn’t want to know when others are talking about


Add file type icons to Gmail attachments with ‘Attachment Icons for Gmail’ Chrome extension

When you receive an email with attachment in Gmail, it shows a paperclip icon by default. Wouldn’t it be great if you can find out what type of attachment it is at a glance? With Attachment Icons for Gmail, you can. Attachment Icons for Gmail is a free Chrome extension that replaces the default paper


Remove clutter from web pages and make them easy to read with Clearly for Chrome

The internet is choc full of great content, but it also has a knack of bombarding you with all sorts of visual stimulation, from links to ads to buttons, videos, images, and everything else. If you’ve ever wished that you could clean up a page and just focus on the content then check out Clearly,


Lookup the meaning of words on webpages instantly with Multiple Dictionary Lookup for Firefox

If you’ve ever needed to lookup the meaning of a word on a webpage, we’ve got good news: ‘Multiple Dictionary Lookup’ can make this as easy as right clicking the word in Firefox. What’s even better, it gives you multiple dictionary options to choose from. As the name suggests, the add-on allow users to search