Hashplug feat

Add Twitter Search Results to Google With Hashplug for Chrome

Twitter is shaping out to be an vibrant source of chatter, especially when it comes to  real-time information. And while Google has attempted improvements on it’s search engine lately, it does not show results from social networks like Twitter. Enter Hashplug, which can do this for you. HashPlug is a free, must have extension for

OmniDrive feat2

Search Google Drive from the Chrome address bar with OmniDrive

If you use Google Drive extensively and have a lot of items stored in there, you may be delighted to learn about a great, easy way to add Google Drive search functionality right into your browser. OmniDrive is a handy free Chrome extension that allows users to search for items present in their Google Drive

Media Hint delivering HULU screenshot

‘Media Hint’ is the easiest way to access Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix from anywhere in the world

Many sites are Geo-restricted, these days. There are several options available to you if you’re outside of the US and looking to access US-only sites such as Hulu, Pandora, and Netflix, but none of them are as easy and straightforward as this one. ‘Media Hint’ is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once


Talkino: explore the web with others who share your interests

Do you remember the last time you discovered something wonderful on the Internet and had no one to share it with? Well the internet makes it easy to find interesting articles, images, websites and other content that you like, and now (for better or worse) it makes it easy to find others who share these


Track your time spent online with Timestats for Chrome

Do you spend too much time online? Or just Just the right amount, perhaps? If you’re looking for that Goldilocks factor in your online usage, Timestats might be just the thing you are looking for. Timestats is a Chrome extension that will keep track of your time spent online and help you manage it better

Toolbar Cleaner

Remove unwanted browser toolbars and BHO’s in one fell swoop, with Toolbar Cleaner

I have an older brother who is not very adept with technology, and every time I need to use his computer I am surprised just how many toolbars and custom search providers have found their way onto his PC; I am further surprised by how labor intensive it is to clean that stuff out. And

safemail logo2

Encrypt your Gmail for free with SafeMail for Chrome

Do you want to have encrypted email but don’t have the time or money or skill to become an international super spy? You’re not alone! Many of us use email to send documents or information that we do not want to end up in the wrong hands, such as credit card details, tax info, business

Google Reader Inline feat

Read Google Reader feeds in-line on the same page, with “Google Reader Inline” Chrome extension

Do you use Google Reader? If so, did you ever wish that you could click on a post and view it right then and there without without opening separate Windows? If so, then check out Google Reader Inline (aka GRIwsome), an extension for the Chrome browser that enables users to view RSS posts as popup

Expand your online social experience with PalRelay

PalRelay is a great new way to keep up with what’s going on in the most popular social media sites on the web, specifically tailored to the content you are currently browsing. It sits in the bottom of your browser as an unobtrusive little bar, silent and grey until it finds something relevant to tell


Clip and save web pages to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box with CleanSave for Chrome

If you’ve ever wanted to save an article or webpage (for example for reference, sharing, or later use) then check out Cloudsave, a Chrome extension that lets you convert any web page to PDF or DOC, optionally add a note to it, and then save it. But what’s more, Cleansave can clean your webpage from


Web browsing overload? Panelize your web pages in Chrome

Have you ever been overwhelmed with web page overload? If you’re the type of person to have more than two or three web pages open at the same time (like me) then you’ve undoubtedly discovered the usefulness of tabs in the Chrome web browser. Sometimes, however, you can still find yourself with more tabs open


Take full page screenshots of webpages and annotate them, with Fireshot for Firefox, Chrome, and IE

Do you ever need to take full length screenshots of a webpage – or for that matter, screenshots of the visible or selected areas? If so, then read on. While you will find numerous applications that allow you to take screenshots, there are very few tools that let you annotate and edit directly, add watermarks,