ScreenOut Pops out Chrome videos into their own resizable windows [Reader Contributed Post]

Whether it’s watching a FIFA video on Twitch while working in Excel, following a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube while performing each step in realtime, or live-streaming the news while writing an email, users want an efficient way to watch video while doing other things. Web enhancing app development company PinchofAwesome is excited to announce ScreenOut,

Ballloon – saves from the browser straight into your cloud accounts [Reader Contributed Post]

File hosting and Synchronization service like Google Drive or Dropbox are great, especially if you have multiple devices. You can access your files from almost everywhere. But how can you save a file, (for example a cool image) from the web into your cloud storage accounts without going through many steps of downloading and uploading?. Ballloon

New browser extension to replace ad banners with Twitter news feed [Reader Contributed Post]

Linkis TwitterAnywhere extension Recently Linkis Project Team has released a browser extension TwitterAnywhere which replaces web ads with the latest posts from Twitter. It is totally free and requires no registration, email or any other personal information, which is great! After installing you can choose whether you want to keep track of the tweets from

Help with Internet Explorer 8 problems

I seek help regarding problems I have started experiencing since the last few weeks while using Internet Explorer 8 BroIntewser. I have Windows XP  OS installed on my desktop. The problems I am facing with IE8 are as follows: 1.  A few minutes after opening IE8 Browser page I start getting frequent and on an

HTTPs Everywhere Screenshot

Get instant browser privacy, with HTTPs Everywhere

There is no privacy, sorry. At least not if you’re using your devices normally. But if you want some measure of protection, and want the NSA (National Security Agency) out of your personal communications as a matter of principle, then check out free browser extension HTTPs Everywhere. HTTPs Everywhere is a browser extension for Chrome

Dragdis Screenshot

Dragdis: a read (or watch) it later service that you should check out

Dragdis is a web-clipping tool of sorts that can save browser items (clips, bookmarks, images, and videos) and organize them in virtual folders. It is a familiar concept that we’ve seen before in many guises, and Dragdis has some formidable, well known competitors (Pocket, Instapaper, Springpad, Evernote, Kippt, and others) but it deserves a look

DNS Jumper Screenshot

DNS Jumper: easy DNS switcher with IPv6 support

Want to switch your DNS on your PC quickly and Easily? How about Switching from IPv4 and IPv6 interchangeably, and being able to backup and restore DNS settings (and categorize them in groups), and checking multiple response times to find the fastest DNS IPs, or even flushing the DNS cache? DNS Jumper is a small


How to use a custom background image on the Google Search Homepage in Chrome

A few months ago, Google removed the option to add custom images and wallpapers to the Google search homepage. If you loved this feature or if you like the idea of customizing your Google homepage, try ‘Background Image for Google Home’, a handy Chrome extension that allows you  to use custom wallpapers on the Google


‘Status Snapper’ provides a quick way to ANONYMOUSLY share Facebook Statuses

Ever come across a Facebook status (a.k.a a post with the discussion underneath) that you wished you could share publicly on the internet, while preserving the anonymity of the people who liked it and/or left comments underneath? If so, then ‘Status Snapper’, a free Chrome extension, can provide a quick and easy way to capture

Writer Screenshot

Writer is a word processing alternative that strips away all the clutter

As a professional writer, I am always on the lookout for new tools that can make my work easier or just more interesting. Writer is one that happens to do both. If you’re the type of person that uses a word processor on a regular basis, you may occasionally long for the good old days


Fact Check dubious claims in forwarded emails instantly, with LazyTruth

Do you get forwarded emails from friends and family that often contain half-truths, are riddled with erroneous ‘facts’ and other mythical information? What if you could weed these out instantly, but more importantly, discover the actual truth about the subjects within? If so, you will want to check out LazyTruth, a FREE software that provides

Voice Ace ScreenShot00305

Voice Ace surfs the web at your voice command for free (Chrome)

Do you ever wish you could talk to your computer like Star Trek and have it do what you want? While the programming and other considerations for that kind of advancement is still in the future, you can actually do an awful lot through voice recognition these days, and it’s not like it was in