Dragdis Screenshot

Dragdis: a read (or watch) it later service that you should check out

Dragdis is a web-clipping tool of sorts that can save browser items (clips, bookmarks, images, and videos) and organize them in virtual folders. It is a familiar concept that we’ve seen before in many guises, and Dragdis has some formidable, well known competitors (Pocket, Instapaper, Springpad, Evernote, Kippt, and others) but it deserves a look

Peeep screenshot

Take archival snapshots in time of any web page, with Peeep.us

Ever wished you could take archival snapshots of a website, such that you could always refer to and see the exact content of the page at that particular moment in time, no matter how it may be changed later on? (Could be useful if browsing the site of a particular Republican candidate for president). If


Web browsing overload? Panelize your web pages in Chrome

Have you ever been overwhelmed with web page overload? If you’re the type of person to have more than two or three web pages open at the same time (like me) then you’ve undoubtedly discovered the usefulness of tabs in the Chrome web browser. Sometimes, however, you can still find yourself with more tabs open


Remove clutter from web pages and make them easy to read with Clearly for Chrome

The internet is choc full of great content, but it also has a knack of bombarding you with all sorts of visual stimulation, from links to ads to buttons, videos, images, and everything else. If you’ve ever wished that you could clean up a page and just focus on the content then check out Clearly,

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Share bookmark lists and save webpages offline, with Blinklist

Blinklist is a great free way to save webpages offline for later reading and to share them with others. You can save pages into lists and access them on your own unique webpage from any internet capable computer or device. There are more ways to organize Internet bookmarks than there are fish in the sea,


Two FREE URL history tools for Chrome

With all the browsing we do it’s often almost impossible to hunt down and discover one single site that was visited, say, three weeks ago. While it may not actually be impossible in the literal sense of the term, it certainly can be frustrating and time consuming to the point where it’s not worth the


Chrome app Msgboy embraces the web stream, breathes new life into RSS

Msgboy is an app for Google Chrome that mixes elements of Pinterest, RSS, and link aggregators like StumbleUpon in a very visual way. Once installed in your browser, the app looks at your bookmarks and sites you visit frequently. It then collects the feeds offered by those sites and builds them into one location you


Save interesting articles for later reading on your PC, iOS, or Android device, with ‘Pocket’

If I told you that ‘Pocket’ is the bookmarking service ‘Read it Later’, relabeled and relaunched, would you lose interest in this article? You shouldn’t, because with Pocket not only are the articles that you save bookmarked in the cloud in ‘Read it Later’ or ‘Instapaper’ fashion, but also downloaded in their entirety on your

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Make your daily Internet tasks faster and easier with Noodzy

Noodzy is a free web site program, currently in Beta, that allows you to use “#tags” to automate tasks that you would normally have to do manually on the web, such as post a Facebook notification or a Tweet, send email or check your inbox, search Google or YouTube, just to name a few, all

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Get a better ‘New Tab’ page in Chrome with Speed Dial’s wall-to-wall thumbnail bookmarks

If you’ve been using Chrome for a while you may have grown fond of the ‘New Tab’ page, which displays frequently visited sites as thumbnails. But if you’ve wished that you could push the New Tab page a little further then check out this Chrome extension. Speed Dial lets you: add more than 8 websites

Convert Bookmarklet to Chrome Extension Screenshot

How to convert a JavaScript bookmarklet into a Chrome extension

If you use Chrome you know that extensions are laid out neatly to the right of the address bar. One thing about having all of your extensions accessible via small icons that are grouped together in the same place is that it makes sense from both a user experience and organizational standpoints. However, you may


Open multiple websites using a single URL with Krunch.us

With Krunch, you can create custom URLs that will open multiple web sites. For example, you can use a Krunch URL that might look like ‘Krunch.Us/freeware’ to open all of your favorite freeware sites. Krunch.us can serve as a creative alternative bookmarking tool. You could use your own custom URLs to distribute collections of sites