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Three new sources for cool Wallpaper images

I always say that desktop images are more significant than people think, because most so-called ‘knowledge workers’ who typically stare at a computer screen all day, are looking at these images, consciously or subconsciously, all day long. So, therefore, this week we present you with three excellent sources for wallpaper images that we came across

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Play full length videos in your desktop background, with DesktopMovie

This is not a ‘video wallpaper’ type software, like Windows Dreamscenes or Okozo; rather, DesktopMovie is a free program designed to play full-length videos with sound inside your desktop background and under your icons. The reason you would do that is up to you!


Get wonderful, user-curated wallpaper images with Desktoppr

Have you ever wondered why YouTube contains every video in the world that you could think of? The reason, of course, is the fact that users do the all the work of curating and uploading. Desktoppr is a website that, similarly, lets users upload and freely share hi-res wallpaper images. It connects with your Dropbox

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7 FREE dual monitor programs and resources that you should know about

We recently got access to a new extra screen at the office, so we did the natural thing, and started testing all sorts of free multiple monitor software that we’ve always wanted to try. If you use more than one monitor then this post is for you; it lists 7 programs and resources that add


Pointless Eye Candy – Customize your desktop with Skinpacks.com

Skinpacks.com is one of those gems of a website that offers a centralized place for multiple sources of great content. It offers tons of customization options for the windows interface and lists tons of different ‘packs’, each of which contains multiple programs from different authors and freeware sources, brought together with a specific theme in

Happy Holidays featured post

Freeware for the holidays!

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to get some freeware to jazz up your technology with the holiday spirit! With screensavers, games, and apps, there’s never been a better year for the possibilities of freeware for the holidays. This article will cover a few different ideas to get you started,


Manage your favorite wallpaper images with Wallmagician

If you care about and enjoy the wallpaper images that you use on your computer, you might find this program quite useful. Wallmagician is a simple program that keeps track of all of your favorite wallpaper images in a single place, irrespective of where they may actually be found on your hard drive. It can

Rhein2 by Andreas Gursky

Rhine II, record setting image sold at $4.3 Mil, makes an OK desktop wallpaper

You may have heard of this photograph taken in 1999 by Andreas Gursky, which sold at Christie’s in New York at auction for a record setting $4.3 Million on Nov 8 2011. The buyer was not disclosed, and there is lots of speculation in the media as to why the three meter chromogenic color print


Automatically download and shuffle Flickr wallpaper images with Flickr Wallpaper Rotator

What if I told you that you could install an app that gave you unlimited, beautiful, images downloaded and shuffled on your desktop automatically, and that all you had to do was enjoy and, on occasion, skip an image that perhaps didn’t quite strike your fancy? That program in question is free and it is

Okozo desktop: display animated, flash-based interactive wallpapers on your desktop

Okozo desktop installs flash-based animated desktop wallpaper on Windows Vista and Windows 7, utilizing DirectX 9.0c and Adobe flash. Because they are flash-based, Okozo desktop animations differ from the “dreamscene” WMV-based desktop animations in that they can provide a wide range of interactive functionality, such as being able to respond to cursor movements, to display


NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader: download over 5000 National Geographic wallpapers with a single click

You may have seen my November 2009 post citing the National Geographic site as one of the best places to download wallpaper images on the internet. This post is a bit of a follow up to that one, in that the free tool discussed here is designed to automatically download entire collections of National Geographic

10 wallpaper selections, part 2

This is the second installment of my “10 wallpaper selections” series. (See the first installment of wallpaper selections here). I have a few rules that I use when making these selections: the images are not just pretty but will have to “work” as background images on the desktop. In most cases they will be straight photographs